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Question   Will my unique IP change?
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Will my unique IP change?
This could also be rephrased, "Is my unique IP static?"

The answer is, your unique IP could change. We reserve the right to change which unique IP address is assigned to you, even though we promise you'll always be the only site set up on it.

Sometimes we have to move an account to a different server, or even to a different data center (possibly very far apart and on different physical networks). For this reason, your IP may change. We have scripts that will seamlessly make the move (you won't even notice), but it may be impossible to bring your IP address along for the ride.

Although we try to never move sites, and to keep people on the same IP address forever, we make no guarantees we will be able to do so.

So what this means is, it is a very bad idea to publicly announce your IP address as the way to get to your site (or other service), unless you're willing to update that information with everybody any time we may possibly change your IP. You have been warned!

Last updated: May 03, 2001.