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Question   Why would I want a unique IP?
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Why would I want a unique IP?
There really aren't too many good reasons. If you want browers that don't support the http 1.1 protocol to be able to visit your site, you'd need a unique IP. Just about every browser released since 1996 supports this protocol, including text browsers (like lynx), webtv, wap devices, obscure browsers, and the big two.

You might need a unique IP if you run some sort of service from your hosting account (not a website) that requires its own ip. Generally to run these sort of things you should be on a higher plan anyway, which include a unique IP if you'd like it for no extra charge.

That's really about it! Those are the only two reasons we can think of you'd want one.

Last updated: Apr 06, 2001.

User Post (2003-07-25 12:55:26 by chager)
..except it's REQUIRED for adding SSL to your site...I guess that'd be three.