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1. What's a server?
2. What's a domain name?
3. What is telnet/ssh/a shell?
4. What's a sub domain?
5. What are Front Page extensions?
6. What does upload mean?
7. What is web hosting?
8. What's an FTP account?
9. What's PHP?
10. What's a POP3 account?
11. What's an IMAP account?
12. What is an email alias/address?
13. What does CGI mean?
14. What's webmail?
15. What does download mean?
16. What's a text editor?
17. What's an IP address?
18. What's a browser?
19. What's html?
20. What's a URL?
21. What's an email client? What does it do?
22. What is the definition of SSI?
23. What's domain parking?
24. What's an ISP?
25. What's TCP/IP?
26. What does bounced mean?
27. What's an Auto-responder?
28. What are keywords?

Glossary Description
Here we define some common web-hosting terms, as well as any terms we just made up!

Last updated: Jul 31, 2001.

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Question What's webmail?
All DreamHost accounts come with free web-based access to all their email hosted with us at http://webmail. yourdomain.com / . It's set up automatically on all domains with us and uses the open sour... (more)
Question What's an IMAP account?
IMAP (like POP3) is a protocol for reading email. It differs from POP3 in that you read the mail directly on our mail server, rather than downloading it to your home computer first. This means: ... (more)
Question What's TCP/IP?
TCP/IP is a protocol: a an agreement about how to exchange information. Computers that are hooked into the Internet send and recieve information according to the TCP/IP protocol.
Question What's an IP address?
An IP address is the address of a computer connected to the Internet by TCP/IP. It consists of a series of four numbers separated by dots (for example Domain names, such as www.yo... (more)
Question What's an email client? What does it do?
An email client is a program that allows you to read and send email. Installing an email client on your computer gives you an easy way to download your mail from our server for reading, and to send ma... (more)
Question What does download mean?
Downloading means moving files from another computer to the one you're currently working on.
Question What does upload mean?
Uploading (aka: publishing) means moving files from the computer on which you're currently working, to another computer, usually a web server (a computer that makes your files accessible on the Inte... (more)
Question What are Front Page extensions?
FrontPage extensions are "webbot" components, like forms and counters, that are built into the FrontPage software. Some of the things FrontPage extensions can do include: making hit counters, formmail... (more)
Question What's a text editor?
A text editor is a program that allows you to read and edit documents, including the source code for web pages. Text editors vary in complexity and ability. Some allow only the most basic reading... (more)
Question What's domain parking?
A parked domain is like a bookmark. It's a one-page place-holder for your website, with a generic message like "coming soon" or "under construction." What's the difference between domain parking... (more)
Question What are keywords?
When you type words into a search engine (like Google, or our own NDN Keywords personal search engine), the search engine looks for pages that are indexed with these words. These are keywords. ... (more)
Question What's a browser?
A browser, or web browser, is a program that displays web files on your monitor. When you "surf the net," you start by opening a browser window, then pointing the browser at a website. The URL of th... (more)
Question What's html?
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a system of tags used to make web pages. The tags are put before and after text and images, and tell your visitor's browser how the text should appear on the co... (more)
Question What does bounced mean?
When email is "bounced," that means it was sent, but not successfully received. This usually "bounces" a message back to the sender to that effect. This can happen for many different reasons, the most... (more)
Question What is web hosting?
Hosting means providing space on a computer for files that will be accessed by other computers. For example, DreamHost stores the files that make up your web pages, so that your visitors' computers ... (more)
Question What's an ISP?
ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. An ISP (or IAP --- Internet Access Provider) provides access to the Internet by giving its customers the software necessary to cruise the World Wide Web a... (more)
Question What's a server?
A server is a computer (or software package) in a network that is used to provide particular services to other computers. Here are some examples: A mail server routes email. IMAP and POP3 serve... (more)
Question What's a URL?
A URL is the same thing as a web address, ie: http://www.something.com.
Question What's an Auto-responder?
An autoresponder is a function that generates and sends an email response every time a visitor sends an email to your pop3 account. You can use autoresponders in conjunction with email aliases, s... (more)
Question What does CGI mean?
CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is the name for scripts that run on the host server. CGIs allow greater site interactivity and functionality. Some common CGI programs include counters and form-mail. ... (more)
Question What's a domain name?
This is the "address" of your website - the name that visitors type in to the location window of their browser to get to your homepage. All computers that are connected to the Internet have a num... (more)
Question What is an email alias/address?
E-mail aliases direct mail sent to one e-mail address to another address. The second address can be an account on our system or an e-mail address on another system altogether. All of our accounts... (more)
Question What's an FTP account?
To publish your files on the web, you need to upload them to our server , via FTP (File Transfer Protocol.) Your allotment of space on the server, where your files will be stored, is often referred t... (more)
Question What's PHP?
PHP is a scripting language like ASP, which allows you to make dynamic web pages quickly and easily. PHP support is a standard feature for all DreamHost web hosting accounts.
Question What's a POP3 account?
A pop3 (or just pop) account is an email account. This is where mail will sit until you download/read it and decide to file it, delete it, etc.
Question What is the definition of SSI?
SSI (Server Side Includes) allows you to dynamically access and import pieces of data outside of your HTML file (for example, getting the current time and date from the server and displaying it on the... (more)
Question What's a sub domain?
Any extension of a domain: i.e. my.domain.com is a subdomain of domain.com. Whoever registers the domain also gets all possible subdomains.
Question What is telnet/ssh/a shell?
Telnet allows you to open a shell on the server to interact with the command line (we strongly recommend using SSH as a secure alternative to Telnet). PuTTY is a nice free SSH client for windo... (more)