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Home :: Account Summary Description
The Account Summary area is your gateway to a wealth of information about your accounts, services, billing history, and users.

  1. Log into the Account Control Panel. Select the Home tab, and click on Account Summary.

  2. Click on the name of your account for a brief summary of your account balance, and the opportunity to modify your account or add a new one.

  3. Click on a dollar amount under the 'balance' column to be taken to the invoice panel to generate a detailed billing history

  4. The Add Service link is a shortcut to the account upgrade page.

  5. Click on the name of your service to view its summary. (The edit link does exactly the same thing.)

    From here, you can:
    • Add a new service
    • Upgrade or downgrade your current hosting plan
    • Add extra features to your plan
    • Check your storage and bandwidth usage against your plan's quotas:

    • Change the end date of your service:

  6. The link labeled Add an extra to this plan is a shortcut to the add-on page.

  7. Clicking on the name of your domain (or the 'edit' link) will give you a summary of services for that domain, as well as the opportunity to add a new domain or subdomain:

  8. Clicking on a username (or the 'edit' link) will give you a summary of the user(s) of your account, and the chance to edit, delete, or add users:

  9. Clicking on the name of a specific service (or the 'edit' link) will give you a summary of that service and the chance to edit it.

  10. Clicking on the name of a user of a particular service or on the corresponding edit link will allow you to view, edit, add, or delete a user of that service.

  11. See the list of Related Links on the left side of this window for details about the tasks described above.

Last updated: Feb 04, 2002.