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Question   Do you support ASP?
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Do you support ASP?
Currently we do not support ASP, as we run only Linux servers (Debian), and there still isn't good support for it.

As a substitute, we suggest using PHP for your needs.

Last updated: May 17, 2004.

User Post (2005-11-21 14:09:07 by lshdcp)
Yes, please add ASP! I'm in the same boat w/ other developers. I use PHP whenever I have the option but I have clients who insist on ASP. I need to be able to develop those sites as well.
User Post (2005-09-02 07:05:37 by diabolo777)
hey guys, if you want ASP, you should have chosen an other hosting company..... period.
User Post (2005-08-24 10:58:19 by bphogan)
There's a difference here... are we talking ASP or .NET? ASP is probably easy to handle with ChiliSoft. .Net, however, is a bit different.

That said, There are other hosts that run Windows servers for this. I currently use Dreamhost for new development and another host for my clients that use ASP. If they want better features on their website, I find them an alternative solution.

My vote is definitely a NO for ASP.
User Post (2005-08-12 16:00:51 by agnir)
P.S. It's not only the principle of the proprietary software issue that causes us to be resistant to adding .asp capability to the servers - you folks who want it do realize that the licensing fee may raise the amazingly low cost of an account with Dreamhost, yes?

I personally do not want .asp if a perfectly good alternative like PHP exists. Since I do not use .asp and will never use .asp, I'm not interested in paying for someone else's .asp use if not absolutely necessary.
User Post (2005-07-13 10:30:31 by dusda)
I want ASP! It would be so awesome to write a C# backend for my site...
User Post (2005-05-24 07:08:14 by brickshort)
I hate Microsoft. But I have clients who have legacy ASP.NET. I don't care to get into who has a better approach. If I am to make a living, and bring customers to Dreamhost, I need ASP. Please add my vote to the ever increasing outcry for ASP.
User Post (2005-03-10 18:17:20 by coolspot)
ASP would be nice to have. going to see if i can convert 1st
User Post (2005-03-09 11:07:17 by jfmoran3)
Have you folks looked at mod_mono yet?
They have the sources if someone wants to kill some time compiling. ;-)
User Post (2005-02-08 10:54:13 by valiskeogh1)
throwing out a shout for ASP, i got this domain to run an asp message board, to move it over here from where it currently is, apparently i can't!
User Post (2004-12-04 13:04:33 by starteam)
I hate MS proprietary stuff as well .. but one little server, placed way over in the darkest corner of the room, running Windows .. could help with those of us inheriting clients who already have asp and are not willing or able to change....

User Post (2004-11-27 20:33:42 by matthewaaron)
User Post (2004-07-19 11:11:29 by timmerk)
NO ASP Please! We don't want crap on these nice servers!
User Post (2004-07-11 23:34:46 by lunaobscurus)
heh, silly ASSp users...

besides, if you are just trying to learn it, why not host it on your own PC? I assume you run windows...
User Post (2004-07-07 20:43:30 by cg_flipper)
bummer... how am i going to learn asp if i can't use my own host to test the files out?
User Post (2004-06-22 06:06:09 by lrojas)
if you guys need ASP so badly why dont you move to a place that has asp and leave this servers M$ free
User Post (2004-06-19 20:57:30 by 82801ba)
No ASP's, please.
User Post (2004-06-15 14:44:49 by theraven)
I'd rather have no ASP support on a Linux server than have a Windows server...
User Post (2004-06-05 11:04:29 by na14)

Just convert it!
User Post (2004-05-21 05:43:56 by lets)
Hey, don't blame Dreamhost. Why not lobby Microsoft instead to stop developing propietary software that only runs on its propietary servers? Dreamhost couldn't be so cheap if it had to pay to run MS NT.
User Post (2004-05-13 21:21:15 by swan)
Aww...Our current host is screwing us without lube! We wanna move all our sites here but I have to use my ASP!!! Dang it!!!
User Post (2004-05-13 15:54:54 by xenmis)
I'll add one. Darned *nix elitists! :-p
User Post (2004-05-10 06:49:03 by luckwld)
Will the .Net framework be available anytime in the near future? Does anyone know?
User Post (2004-04-12 21:59:02 by culbeda)
I would certainly like to import one of my ASP sites w/o converting it to PHP. (Major PITA.)
User Post (2004-03-24 16:54:30 by monkeymonkey)
pretty pretty please?
User Post (2004-02-25 09:31:04 by jmrobfogel)
Just one more plea to add asp service.
User Post (2004-02-22 01:06:29 by whone)
I'm not an old, 'long time' customer, but rather I am a 'new' customer (less than 1 year,) but I too find my self in need of the .asp features. If it becomes something that you you can add, then know that your user base will definitly find a use for it! thank you for concidering our requests.
User Post (2004-01-18 10:53:13 by cigarsathe)
As a longtime user of dreamhost your inability to support .asp possess a problem now. Please look into this.
User Post (2004-01-07 05:32:20 by blankspace)
here is another vote from a longtime dreamhost customer. PLEASE offer some servers that support ASP. we are about to start on a huge project for a client which is spec'd and ready to go but must be done in ASP. and i want to host it with dreamhost...!!!!! please!
User Post (2004-01-01 05:12:30 by sugarcan)
Please support .Asp!!
User Post (2003-11-24 08:07:21 by apathetic)
A colleague has highly recommended an e-commerce program (http://www.comersus.com) that is free, loaded with features...and did I mention FREE? It also had add-ons that you can pay for. One problem - it runs on ASP (needs Chilisoft). Pleaaassssee, please support ASP!

I've been recommending Dreamhost to said colleague (a fellow web designer) who resells all his web space. His only reason for not checking out Dreamhost? He only does ASP (I've been helping with some PHP for him).
User Post (2003-11-23 11:56:11 by gbdk)
I'm sure PHP is also very fine, but I am in need of ASP since I want to host a website with an ASP-powered forum that has quite a lot of data in it already. Plllllease give us ASP, pretty please!
User Post (2003-11-13 12:35:29 by pclemmons)
I have to agree and put my vote in for ASP support
User Post (2003-10-26 08:19:32 by alaatz)
<chanting> asp...asp...asp...asp...asp...asp...asp...asp...asp
User Post (2003-10-13 10:07:43 by codehog)
I'm a new transfer from another web hosting service. They supported ChiliSoft, which I guess Sun owns now? Anyway, it was adequate for everything I needed. So I would throw in another vote for supporting ASP!
User Post (2003-09-23 15:32:55 by cashx2)
You guys need to support ASP.NET!!!
User Post (2003-08-09 20:47:33 by teknodave)
I find some asp scripts pretty cool ......... any plans of possibly supporting it in the future?
User Post (2003-04-01 17:30:42 by dynamine)
Please support ASP... Sun One!!! http://wwws.sun.com/software/product_categories/development_tools.html
User Post (2002-12-12 16:45:51 by nyoung)
Have a look also at apache-asp:
<A HREF="http://www.apache-asp.org">http://www.apache-asp.org</A>
<A HREF="http://www.apache-asp.org/cgi.html">page about running it in standalone CGI mode</A>
User Post (2002-04-28 17:26:52 by rdonkin)
Have a look at Halcyon, a ChiliSoft competitor - they sound pretty good, see http://www.halcyonsoft.com/