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Question   How can people subscribe to my mailing list?
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1. How can people subscribe to my mailing list?
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3. How can I set it up so everyone who subscribes automatically gets a welcome message?
4. How many people can be on my list?
5. How do I use images for my subscribe and unsubscribe submit buttons?

How can people subscribe to my mailing list?
You can manually add people to your list from our Announcement List area.. they will receive an email with a link to confirm their subscription.

For the general public you have to do is put some of the following HTML code in a web page that you host with us. That's it!

Note: You must customize the fields in red according to your needs. See below for an explanation of these fields. Also, if you have multiple mailing lists, you must have a separate subscription form for each one.

<form method="post" action="http://scripts.dreamhost.com/add_list.cgi">
<input type="hidden" name="list" value="FromEmailAddress" />
<input type="hidden" name="domain" value="DomainName" />
<input type="hidden" name="url" value="SubscribedURL" />
<input type="hidden" name="unsuburl" value="UnsubscribedURL" />
<input type="hidden" name="alreadyonurl" value="AlreadyOnURL" />
<input type="hidden" name="notonurl" value="NotOnURL" />
<input type="hidden" name="invalidurl" value="InvalidURL" />
<input type="hidden" name="emailconfirmurl" value="EmailConfirmURL" />
<input type="hidden" name="emailit" value="1" />
Name: <input name="name" />
E-mail: <input name="email" /><br />
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Join Our Announcement List" />
<input type="submit" name="unsub" value="Unsubscribe" />
This code will put the following form on your website:
Name: E-mail:
Visitors to your site subscribe by simply filling in the form! Once someone has subscribed to your mailing list, it will appear in the Web Panel for management and posting to the list.

It is optional to ask people for their name to go with their email address, if you don't want to, just remove this html code to your form:

Name:<input name=name>
You can customize the following fields from the subscription code:

  • FromEmailAddress: This is the part of your mailing list "From Email" that comes before the @ sign. So if your list is jokes@domain.com, this would be jokes. You can view all your lists (and their From Email Addresses) on the "Mail > Mailing List" section of the webpanel. Realize that people won't actually be able to send email to listname@yourdomain.com unless you set that up as an alias and/or auto-responder through the web panel.

    [how do I create an alias?]
    [how do I set up an autoresponder?]

  • DomainName: This is the domain name of the site where this form is residing. It's not necessary to have this field, but having it will ensure full compatibility with all browsers.
  • SubscribedURL: This is a full URL of the page that will appear after someone has successfully subscribed to your mailing list. You can create your own .html page to tell people they've subscribed (in which case, the URL would be something like http://www.yourdomain.com/SubscribedURL.html), or you can leave this field blank to have subscribers forwarded to a very bland page telling them that they have subscribed to your list. If you do create a custom page, it should probably tell them that they have successfully subscribed to your list, and where they can go to unsubscribe.
  • UnsubscribedURL: The URL of the page that appears if someone just successfully unsubscribed from the list. You can create your own .html page to tell people they've unsubscribed (in which case, the URL would be something like http://www.yourdomain.com/UnsubscribedURL.html), or you can leave this field blank to have subscribers forwarded to a very bland page telling them that they have unsubscribed from your list.
  • AlreadyOnURL: The URL of the page that appears if someone who is already on the list attempts to subscribe to it. You can create your own .html page to tell people they're already on your list (in which case, the URL would be something like http://www.mydomain.com/already_on.html), or you can leave this field blank to have subscribers forwarded to a very bland page telling them that they are already on your mailing list.
  • NotOnURL: The URL of the page that appears if they are not on the list, and they have attempted to unsubscribe. You can create your own .html page (in which case, the URL would be something like http://www.mydomain.com/not_on.html), or you can leave this field blank to have subscribers forwarded to a default page telling them that they are not on your list.
  • InvalidURL: The URL of the page that will appear if the email address entered is invalid. You can create your own .html page with this message, (in which case, the URL would be something like http://www.mydomain.com/invalid.html), or you can leave this field blank to have subscribers forwarded to a default page with this information.
  • EmailConfirmURL: The URL of the page that will appear if the user must confirm their opt-in to your list by clicking a link in an email message just sent to them. Some lists require their subscribers to not just enter their email address in the form on your site, but also to confirm the email address. If you customized the URL field, you should probably customize this one as well. You basically need a message that says something like "You are not QUITE subscribed yet.. please now check your email right now for the last step to confirm your subscription to our list!". You can create your own .html page with this message, (in which case, the URL would be something like http://www.mydomain.com/emailconfirm.html), or you can leave this field blank to have subscribers forwarded to a default page with this information.
  • emailit: If you have this hidden input in the form, you will automatically receive a default email sent to ListName@yourdomain.com (which you can then set up as an auto-responder [how do I do that?]) whenever someone signs up for the mailing list. Plus, you will ALSO get a default email sent to unsubbed-ListName@yourdomain.com whenever somebody unsubscribes too!
  • Join Our Announcement List: This label can be changed to anything that doesn't contain the words "remove", "out", "unsub", "leave", or "delete," and it will act as the subscribe button. Also if you're an HTML expert you can use an image for the submit button. But we leave that up to you to learn how to do.
  • Unsubscribe: This will be the label on your "unsubscribe" button. It's not mandatory to have this button, but it's more convenient for everyone, if your list members can unsubscribe over the web, without your intervention. The name of this button must include one of the following: "remove", "out", "unsub", "leave", or "delete". If it doesn't, it will act as though it is a subscribe button.
Hey, we've got a new feature that allows our mailing list form to double as a formmail script! Basically, any extra fields you add to your form (besides the ones listed above and the three that follow) will be included in the notification email you get when somebody subscribes to your list! You can also now customize that with these three new hidden fields:
  • required: A comma-separated list of fields your user MUST fill in in order to successfully submit the form. Example: <input type=hidden name=required value="street1, city, state, zip, country">
  • missingrequrl: The url to redirect to if somebody tries to submit a form without some of the required fields you specified via the "required" form element. This url will also get posted to it a variable called "missing" with a value like "field1,field2,field3" with all the missing fields. Example: <input type=hidden name=missingrequrl value="http://www.mysite.com/missingrequiredfields.html">
  • fieldorder: A comma-separated list that tells you the order you'd like the fields to be reported to you in the email you receive. If you don't specify this, they will appear in random order (not necessarily the order they appear in your html form). If you do specify this value, you will ONLY receive the fields you list here (plus name and email address, which are always first). Example: <input type=hidden name=fieldorder value="orgname, street1, city, state, zip, country">
Hey, another new feature! Now, if you use your own custom URLs for the various results that can come from users submitting this form, you can still get access to some of the information submitted in the form! Our script now redirects to your URLs with the following variables:
  • address=user@domain.com
  • name=Their+Name
  • code=#

    Where the codes are as follows:

    Address Successfully Subscribed: 1
    Address Successfully Unsubscribed: 2
    Address Successfully Mailed Confirmation Link: 3
    Address Already on List: -1
    Address Not In List (when Unsubscribing): -2
    Invalid Email Address: -3
    Missing Required Field(s): -4

Last updated: Nov 29, 2005.

User Post (2005-10-11 13:32:16 by mlna)
Does anyone know if there's a way to specify the reply-to address on announcement email messages?
User Post (2005-09-14 08:08:23 by ettober)
Announcement list look pretty nice but.. is there a way to take composing and sending of announces outside of dreamhost panel. I don't want my cust here! thanks.
User Post (2005-07-19 18:12:11 by keithwayne)
Hey agentfive:

YES, YOU CAN create a different Announcement List on different domains. In fact, you can create multiple lists on the same domain name if you wish, since all of your Announcement Lists are create using "email addresses" as your list names. Try creating a couple and you'll find out quick enough. I hope this helps! :)
User Post (2005-07-19 18:10:04 by keithwayne)
Hey kns47:

There are three ways to make a "back up" copy that I know of: 1. Subscribe to your own Announcement List, then you get a copy of each one you send out. 2. The other way is to create and save your announcement as a word.doc file, then cut and paste the text from word into your announcement window. 3. ALSO, if you are using HTML to send your announcement you would cut and paste the HTML CODE from your webpage development software into your Announcement, hence you would have the file saved in that file format. I hope this helps. :)
User Post (2005-07-19 18:01:54 by keithwayne)
Hey paintnfire:

You can send as many annoucements/newsletters from DreamHost as you wish, and there is no limit to the amount of people who can be on your list. HOWEVER, if you are starting a new Announcement List with DreamHost, their ANTI-SPAM POLICY will apply. Therefore, each person you put on the list manually and each who sign up on their own will ALL have to click on a link emailed to them by the system in order to confirm their subscription and complete the subscription process. I hope this helps. :)
User Post (2005-07-19 16:06:46 by paintnfire)
I am an existing customer and would like to know if I can send a monthly or weekly newsletter to my customers through this website? I can't use my personal AOL account for my small business anymore because my customer email list is too large now. Please reply if you can help. Thanks!
User Post (2005-07-10 18:29:01 by agentfive)
I'm wondering if this will work per domain I have hosted. I know that sounds stupid - but is this a list for example SingleServeCoffee.com and if I set one up on FastFoodFever.com - will they be different and will I be able to manage them independently?
User Post (2005-06-29 17:45:52 by kns47)
Does anyone know if there is a way to setup an automatic backup of my announcement list through dreamhost? If not, does anyone have any suggestions or experience in creating this backup manually or with another program?
User Post (2005-03-28 20:05:36 by kindalike)
Does anyone know how I can add this to my flash website? You can't just paste html...
User Post (2005-02-28 02:30:02 by xdissent)
using the announce list with flash is atm REALLY difficult. the problem is that the add_list.cgi script is on scripts.dreamhost.com and your swf obviously is NOT. with the new flash 7 security model, you can't load data (you can send all day - just not load) from a different domain than the one the swf is coming from unless you provide a crossdomain.xml security policy file in the root of the domain you want to load from (scripts.dreamhost.com). basically dreamhost would have to add a very small xml file to the web server root at scripts.dreamhost.com. then, your flash movies could send the data to the script and actually get the results (ie. success, fail, whatever) for displaying in flash. i worked my way around it though, using fsockopen in php and simulating a form post from a script hosted on my own domain. then i parse the header redirect that the script spits out and grab the status code which i then send to flash. its really obsfucated, but works. if you just want to blindly TRY to subscribe, getURL would work without issue. can someone from dreamhost put up a crossdomain.xml file? =)
User Post (2005-02-27 13:32:07 by jroland)
Is this function actually the phplist utility? http://tincan.co.uk/?lid=294&cc=1 It would be helpful to make that expicit, so one would know where to go for documentation and support.
User Post (2005-02-23 18:31:45 by fresnoartmuseum)
natron46 - tasty php code - works great!! thanks for sharing. :)
User Post (2004-12-13 14:39:13 by natron46)
thought this might be of some use -- quick little PHP code to react to the various response codes. (i'm not using the $name field, but this could easily be added).


if (isset($_GET['code']))
$code = $_GET['code'];
$address= $_GET['address'];

$txt = array(
1=>"was successfully subscribed.",
2=>"was successfully unsubscribed.",
3=>"was sent a confirmation email. Please check your email to complete the subscription.",
-1=>"is already on the list!",
-2=>"was not found on list!",
-3=>"is an invalid email address, please try again.",
-4=>" failed. Missing required fields.");

echo "<div class=\"alert\">$address ".$txt[$code]."</div>\n";
} ?>
User Post (2004-12-02 02:35:11 by hannahkoenker)
This is great, I love it. But can I also have people subscribe by sending an email to an address (with 'subscribe' in the subject, or something)?
User Post (2004-11-29 15:19:45 by diabolo777)
Hi guys,

Yes Dreamhost rocks. I have been with them for a little bit but they offer great features, hosting and prices.... All the best to their team....
User Post (2004-11-11 12:47:29 by uzitec)
For some reason, the script doesn't jump to the customized pages I made (subscribed, unsubsribed, alreadyonlist, etc...). It goes to the generic Dreamhost CGI Script. Can anyone help me?
User Post (2004-09-21 14:45:11 by icircle)
big question : any of you dreamers know how to communicate with these dh scripts via flash?

and yes dh does rock
User Post (2004-09-17 12:32:07 by mfr)
If the custom URLs are setup, they will have the email address appended to them when Dreamhosts' script redirects back. The format is:

User Post (2004-03-31 07:49:11 by rubyji)
I love this. It works like a charm. I just wish I could get use the mail fields in my custom pages. Like " --email-- has been subscribed to this list" for example.

Thanks Dreamhost. Hang in there!
User Post (2004-03-15 10:00:06 by wwp)
ahhhhhhhhhhh...... dream host are the best and have a ZEST for design... but I'm still a bit confused... keep on learning a?
User Post (2004-02-05 14:53:50 by cam_douglas)
Man, the guys at DreamHost truly do rock... Great price, great reliability, and great features, like this mailing list, this stuff is so cool.
User Post (2003-10-15 20:30:08 by spannet)
I'd just like to complement Dreamhost on its mySQL, phpBB compatibility & email features such as the mailing lists, announcement lists, email alias, etc. They make DreamHost a cut above all other webhosts! Xcellent service & value for money. Now maintaining communication with our members is not the major laborious pain it used to be. DreamHost does all the work for us & makes sure it's near 100% reliable. Finally a company that knows what it's doing ! Keep up the good work guys!
User Post (2003-09-28 22:16:57 by pixeltemple)
Amazing stuff is this!
User Post (2003-08-14 01:27:19 by gbdk)
nias, there's no way to control the appearance of the buttons with HTML, but CSS is the way to go. www.blooberry.com is a neat CSS reference site, but you can find lots of other places too.
User Post (2003-06-11 09:58:37 by nias)
how can I customize the buttons? I would like to change the color to match my site
User Post (2003-05-31 17:09:19 by ardco)
Notifications go to ListName@yourdomain.com. I don't think that's adjustable, but you could probably forward it to another address. Look at "emailit: If you have this hidden input in the form, you will automatically receive a default email sent to ListName@yourdomain.com (which you can then set up as an auto-responder) whenever someone signs up for the mailing list."
User Post (2003-05-11 05:32:44 by timpet)
Where are the notification emails sent? There doesn't seem to be a place to specify this.
User Post (2003-04-08 00:29:54 by thecafeman)
Is there a way to get the customized pages to display the user's email address, as in the default page?
User Post (2003-03-29 13:45:29 by tsrock)
An unbelievable feature that keeps me sending money to DH month after month.
User Post (2003-03-12 22:08:22 by chicagomeat)
Anyone know of a way to get email notifications of UNsubscriptions?
User Post (2003-03-10 20:56:55 by chazzh)
A word of caution: If you're using customized pages instead of the generic ones "called" by the form, DO NOT use the <html>, <head> or <body> tags. Somehow, this conflicts with the Dreamhost cgi script and you'll get an error message.
User Post (2003-01-12 14:23:12 by colourdreams)
I keep doing one thing wrong. Would you explain that we need to change the fromemailaddress field to our list name a little better? I keep thinking we leave it as is and it does the work.
User Post (2002-09-17 08:49:54 by sebbo)
Is there a way to do list subscriptions entirely by e-mail? I'd like to send members of some pre-existing mailing lists an invite to join mine, and I don't want to make them have to fire up their browsers to do it.
User Post (2002-08-30 23:07:26 by mbaizman)
FYI, if you DO set up an alies for your listname@domain.com, be aware that EVERY time this form is submitted (a subscribe OR unsubscribe request) the user will get the SAME autorespond email.
User Post (2002-08-26 06:47:45 by suture)
Is there a way of creating a mailing List form in Flash so that if an address is already listed in the database, the AlreadyOnURL function will load a new movie layer into the flash form instead of going to a custom URL.
User Post (2002-08-07 23:58:24 by weaver)
One thing I'd like to know, is how to include the error checking messages in our custom pages. While those pages are bland, they also have more functionality than I know how to put in.
User Post (2002-06-06 08:12:29 by sabishii)
The more I use dreamhost, the happier I am. Prozac ain't got nothin' on a good webhost..