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Question   What is an SMTP server?
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What is an SMTP server?
It is an Internet email server that knows how to send your email on its way to its proper destination.

In order for your email program on your local computer to successfully send email, it must have an Internet connection plus an "SMTP" server address that it is allowed to send mail through.

When you host with us, mail.yourdomain.com  is the address of the SMTP server you use!

Last updated: Jun 20, 2001.

User Post (2004-12-30 08:08:45 by akremer)
Worth noting: Some ISPs *require* you to use their SMTP server when you're on their network. This helps them to prevent abuse/spam. If you're finding that your Dreamhost SMTP server isn't working, try contacting your ISP about this.
User Post (2002-07-19 02:17:41 by jsaxon)
This is beautiful!!! Ever since I signed up for VERIZON DSL, I've had to have a bogus "from" email address (though the reply-to is correct). It's some horribly annoying anti-spam policy. Now I can avoid all my different problems (ISPs, Work gateways tracking my personal emails, logging into different networks all the time etc...). Now I will ALWAYS go through mail.mydomain.com here at Dreamhost! Thank you!!!