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Question   Can I post articles/questions to Kbase?
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Can I post articles/questions to Kbase?
In addition to the official Kbase resources, customers can take advantage of our Discussion Area and newly added Wiki board.

Also note that you can add your own comments to most articles in the Kbase! Feel free to discuss your thoughts, questions, answers, etc., right here, as well as to offer your advice to fellow customers.

Last updated: Apr 23, 2005.

User Post (2005-04-23 23:41:02 by goeller)
Do Staff Respond To User Comments?

Only sporadically... like now! :)

Currently the kbase doesn't have any sort of summary page for your posts, or email notification. However, they're both great ideas and very doable, so we'll try to add them somewhere down the line!

For now, the best way of having your question answered is to contact Tech Support.

How do I do that? (click here to find out)

Thanks for the input --- we're always looking for great suggestions like these!
User Post (2003-04-23 12:43:01 by gpb666)
For this you better use the discussion board
User Post (2001-07-11 10:06:17 by shmuel)
Do staff respond to questions posted on the KBase? And is there anyway for me to be notified when someone responds or go to a page where I can see all my questions and how many responses there have been since my comment?