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Question   Searching Kbase
Search KBase

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Searching Kbase
There are several great ways to find what you're looking for in KBase.

  1. First, you can explore the thematically organized files of FAQs and information tidbits. Just click on the folder icon to read all the articles inside that folder.

  2. Kbase also offers a nifty search feature at the top of the left column of each and every area. By selecting all of Kbase, you can search the entire archive; selecting only this will search the folder you're in, as well as the folders below it.

    KBase utilizes a simple "or" string search. This means that the search engine will look for articles containing one or more of the words you enter. In many cases, our Little Engine That Could will even bring back related search terms. Just another example of how Dreamhost is constantly working to improve your service!

  3. In addition, you may find further information and articles about your topic by checking the Related Links section in the upper left hand corner of each article.

  4. Areas that contain more than one article will also have a list of links to that section's top questions, another source of information about your topic.

  5. Visit our Discussion Area, where you can read and post questions and comments about DreamHost.

Last updated: Aug 01, 2001.