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1. How much is it for extra storage?
2. Quota Exceeded message

Extra Storage Space Description
You can always add on more storage space if the already generous allocations we have provided don't seem to be doing the trick. It's only $4.95/month for 50MB more or something. We're going to add a double your disk space feature for that price too soon..

Last updated: Jan 11, 2001.

Sub-Areas of Extra Storage Space
Question How much is it for extra storage?
Extra storage space is automatically billed to you at the rate of $1 for every 10MB your average disk usage for the month exceeded your plan allotment. The way to raise your disk allotment is simply t... (more)
Question Quota Exceeded message
There is a chance that you have reached the maximum file size total allowed for your plan. If that is the case, you can either upgrade to a plan with a greater maximum allowed file size, or just add m... (more)