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1. Do you support Java servlets?
2. Which java features do you support / not support?
3. Do you support JSP?
4. Do you support the Tomcat/Jakarta JSP engine?
5. Do you support Java applets?
6. Do you support Enterprise Java Beans?
7. Do you support J2EE?
8. Do you have a JDK installed?
9. Do you support JavaScript?

Do you support Java? Description
Do you support Java? This could mean many different things. Some things we support, but not others. For more information, look here!

Last updated: Mar 29, 2001.

Sub-Areas of Do you support Java?
Question Do you support JavaScript?
Of course we do! "Java" and "JavaScript" are two entirely different things. Java is software that runs on our server. JavaScript on the other hand, is software that is stored on our server,... (more)
Question Which java features do you support / not support?
WE SUPPORT the following: - Java (in general) - Java Applets - Java2 - Java SDK/JRE (Software Devel Kit/Java Runtime Environment) WE DO NOT SUPPORT: - Java Servlets - ... (more)
Question Do you have a JDK installed?
Do you have a Java compiler/SDK/Development environment installed? Yes! We have version 1.1.8 on DH1, and version 1.2.2 (Java2) on DH2.
Question Do you support Java applets?
Java applets are applications that run on the user's browser, as opposed to CGI programs, which run on the server. Yes, we do support them.
Question Do you support Java servlets?
Sadly, no. While certainly a useful technology, Apache JServ has been in maintenance mode for quite some time now (the last release as of this writing was on June 17th, 2000), and as time goes on... (more)
Question Do you support JSP?
JSP (Java Server Pages) is a format for using Java to dynamically generate web content. Dreamhost does not offer JSP on shared hosting plans. We can offer it on our dedicated servers though.
Question Do you support Enterprise Java Beans?
Enterprise Java Beans, the server-side component architechture for the J2EE platform, enables rapid and simplified development of distributed, transactional, secure, and portable Java applications. ... (more)
Question Do you support J2EE?
J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) is NOT supported by DreamHost.
Question Do you support the Tomcat/Jakarta JSP engine?