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1. Where is the perl interpreter?
2. A dictionary file like /usr/dict/words?
3. What is the path to my home directory?
4. Where is sendmail?
5. Where is date?

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Question A dictionary file like /usr/dict/words?
We keep our dictionary file at /usr/share/dict/words on all our servers. There are lots of uses for a dictionary file in simple scripts (games, password validators, etc.)
Question What is the path to my home directory?
The path to your home directory is: /home/username/ (where "username" is your username) The root directory of your domain is by default: /home/username/domain.com/ (where "username"... (more)
Question Where is the perl interpreter?
/usr/bin/perl is the path to perl on our systems.
Question Where is date?
/bin/date is the path to date on our systems.
Question Where is sendmail?
/usr/sbin/sendmail is the path to sendmail on our systems. Note: If you plan to use sendmail for bulk mail purposes, please review our anti-spam policies and resources page .
User Post (2004-05-26 14:43:53 by blairbo)
ImageMagick path is /usr/bin