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1. Commonly used FTP clients
3. Where do I put my files once I've connected via ftp?
4. CuteFTP
5. Fetch
6. How do I show hidden files?
7. Using the Netscape Communicator FTP client.
8. NetFinder
9. Can I upload text files with ftp?
10. Transmit
11. Interarchy

Using FTP clients Description
You've installed an FTP program, now how do you use it? Here are some tips for some of the more popular FTP clients.

Last updated: Feb 09, 2001.

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Question Commonly used FTP clients
The following FTP clients are commonly used with DreamHost Web Hosting's FTP services. Windows FlashFXP (probably the best, $25) FileZilla CuteFTP WS_FTP BulletProof FTP ... (more)
Question How do I show hidden files?
Configuring your FTP client to show hidden files is a process that differs significantly from each FTP client. Instructions for doing so using many popular FTP clients can be found below: In Dre... (more)
Question Where do I put my files once I've connected via ftp?
You should see a folder called yourdomain.com. Upload your files there. If you don't see that folder yet, you probably just have to wait a little bit longer.. but you can also go ahead and just... (more)
Question Can I upload text files with ftp?
Yes! HTML files are a kind of text, and you definitely need to upload those! Just use auto-detect as the transfer type, or you can select ASCII (which means text) in your FTP program.
Question Using the Netscape Communicator FTP client.
I have a copy of Netscape Communicator on my computer, and have recently learned that it contains an FTP client that I can use to upload files to my site. Do you recommend its use, and how do I use i... (more)