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Question   Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express with DreamHost email
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Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express with DreamHost email
The first step is to add a new "Account" to your outlook settings. This is usually under the "Tools > Accounts..." menu. Once you open up the Accounts window, click the "Add" button (and then Mail if prompted) to begin configuring your DreamHost email account!

Your "display name" should be the name you want your emails to come from.. usually just your name.

Your "E-mail address" should be the email address you want your emails to come from. This can actually be ANY valid email address in the world, even "president@whitehouse.gov". But you probably don't want people who reply to your emails to send them there! So, pick an email address that you've already set up through our Mail > Addresses area to forward to your DreamHost mailbox!

Decide if you'd like to connect to our mail servers via POP3 or IMAP (follow that link to learn more about each one). Then enter your incoming and outgoing mail server names. They are both the same, simply mail.yourdomain.com.

Now, you'll have to enter your "Account name" and password. This is your mailbox username, which will be either the same thing as your server username, or something of the format m1425315 (Please note that Outlook is case sensitive! Enter this exactly as it appears in your webpanel!). You can find your mailbox usernames at our Mail > Addresses area of our web panel! If you don't know your mailbox password, you can set it to something new from there too!

MAKE SURE "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" IS NOT CHECKED

When you're finished, you should be brought back to the main "Account" page. You're not quite done! You won't be able to send email through our SMTP servers unless you do this:

  • Highlight mail.yourdomain.com and click "Properties".
  • Click the Servers tab.
  • Make sure "My server requires authentication" is checked!
  • Click ok!
We use authenticated SMTP (so that only our clients may send email through our servers and not spammers!) so you won't be able to send email without doing this! If you still get an error message when trying to send email, your ISP may block port 25!.

That's it, you're done configuring Outlook to use DreamHost's email services! Remember that if you JUST added a mailbox or email address through our web panel it may not be active yet. Please try and wait an hour or two before contacting support about problems with new email accounts not working!

Last updated: Nov 21, 2005.

User Post (2005-11-22 12:52:35 by socoarts)
I'm using mac os 10.3.9 and sending email fine, but i can't receive email, getting this error:

skewer.dreamhost.com ESMTP. Check the username/password or security settings.

I'm overriding port to 587. 995 just hangs and does nothing. Any suggestions? I have a work around by just having mail forwarded to another email account, that's fine, but I still get this error msg.
User Post (2005-11-16 13:48:02 by acer)
does anybody deal with optimum online and dreamhost email? i cannot set up my outlook thru the dreamhost server. help?
User Post (2005-11-09 19:18:12 by blairbo)
I have Rogers in Canada, and they too block 25. Use port 587, it works.

User Post (2005-09-13 16:09:13 by ianb)
One problem I've found is that there is a hard limit to the size of a mail folder in OE on Windows, which is 2Gb. When this is reached, OE doesn't helpfully tell you that the folder you are trying to download into is too big, it simply disconnects from the mail server with a useless and unexplained error message:

"An unknown error has occurred.
Account: ... Server: ... Protocol: POP, Port ...,
Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0133"

This has caused me to suspect a problem with either the mail itself or the mail server, until I worked out what was going on. If you are storing VERY large amounts of mail with large attachments you may reach this limit, which is obviously a mere 32-bit value in the software despite the recent updates to version 6 with XPSP2 - OE is now showing its age!
User Post (2005-03-31 09:54:09 by joshuasullivan)
SBC/Yahoo is also blocking port 25 now. Changing outgoing mail to port 587 resolves the issue.
User Post (2005-03-20 13:08:00 by jenandgia)
If you're using Outlook 2002 and you get the error message "unable to download item contents...", try going to Tools > Send & Receive Settings > Defne Send & Receive Groups, make sure nothing is checking under "When Outlook is Offline", and Edit your "All Groups" entry. Click on the Inbox under your new mail.domain.com entry. Make sure you select the button for "Download complete item including attachments". Good luck!
User Post (2005-03-09 00:56:21 by nysn)
AT & T Opera User:
Quote by by keithwayne: "Set Incoming Mail (POP3) to 995"

This incoming port worked for me too, but I didn't need to adjust the outgoing port number, so long as the outgoing SMTP server was set to "mailhost.worldnet.att.net".
User Post (2004-10-26 20:42:35 by rlt_banderson)
In Outlook (XP), under Advanced Settings > Outgoing Server, make sure that "My outgoing server requires authentication" is checked and "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is selected. Selecting "Log onto incoming mail server before sending mail" blocks you from sending mail from that account.
User Post (2004-05-21 17:24:10 by usmcboi1)
I use COX and for OUTGOING I used port 587 instead of the default 25, fixed my problem instantly. THANKS
User Post (2004-02-24 12:34:37 by pilzbury)
If it does not work, try Port 587 with Outlook. I use outlook and changed it to that, and FINALLY after hours, it works :) So, use port 587 it WORKS!
User Post (2003-07-15 14:38:28 by thephatone)
I have Cox Cable and they have blocked port 25. The tech I talked to said there's no chance of eopening it back up. If you use Cox's SMTP server you can still send mail. It's smtp.central.cox.net for me, but might be different depending on what part of the country oyu live in. If you do it this way, do not check the "my server requires authentication" box.
User Post (2003-06-02 22:25:08 by keithwayne)
AT&T USERS: Outlook Express 6; I found the following works: "Tools>Accounts>Properties>Advanced>" Set Outgoing Mail (SMTP) to Port 587 and UNCHECK "requires SSL". Set Incoming Mail (POP3) to 995 and CHECK "requires SSL" (when you CHECK the "requires SSL" box for Incoming Mail, it should automatically change to Port 995, but if not, you can set them separately). Hope this helps! All the rest is the same as described above by kbase/support team.
User Post (2003-04-03 19:10:13 by rbarka)
I'm on a Mac with OS 9.2.2 and Outlook 5.0.6. In order to set up my account with outgoing mail, I had to use the username, password, and smtp address of my ISP, not the info provided above. I've heard of other people, including tech support people at Dreamhost, having to do this. I have my email that goes to my Dreamhost account automatically routed to my other email, or else I'm not sure I'd be able to set it up in Outlook.
User Post (2003-03-03 21:17:06 by roger1)
if you're using Mac you will find a check box for "my server requires authentication" under the SMTP server field where it says "click here for advanced sending options" Make sure you enter the password you specified for the email account you are setting up (not necessarily the same as your log-in password).
User Post (2002-10-12 11:01:44 by wiggen)
Alternately, Mac users who are using OS X should probably rely on the Mail.app built into the operating system. it's a native IS X app and has superior spam handling capabilities to Outlook Express or Entourage
User Post (2002-10-12 10:48:56 by wiggen)
Mac users will need to use a later version of Outlook Express to get server authentication. Version 4.5 does not have this option. Version 5.02 of Outlook Express does have the authentication option. Once you have this version of the software, go to tools, choose accounts, and fill in the information. Just below the SMTP server filed is a "Click here for Advanced SMTP options" section. Click that and you will find the SMTP server authentication fields.
User Post (2002-08-27 21:46:06 by davidicus)
i'm using outlook express 4.5 on a mac, and there is no server authentication option i can find anywhere. i'm hooped! the advanced options don't include this. >:(
User Post (2002-07-27 14:53:11 by vitaly)
Whats a Mac?? Do they still have handles on the top of them like in the good old days?? :)
User Post (2002-07-10 21:15:13 by snapdad)
It appears you can also pull down mail over ssl.

Although there isn't an smtp daemon running on a wrapped port...ideas?
User Post (2002-04-09 21:09:40 by hobbzie)

i JUST happened to be on this page while i'm configuring my own mail and i'm on a mac as well. you find that tab under the Edit Account window, below Sending Mail where it says: Click here for Advanced sending options...

hope that helps.
User Post (2002-04-02 12:15:22 by rhee)
The last two do not apply for Macintosh. Where do I find "my server requires authentication" if I'm on a Mac?