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Question   What is the name of my outgoing mail (SMTP) server?
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What is the name of my outgoing mail (SMTP) server?
Both your incoming and outgoing mail servers are just


Where example.com  is replaced by your domain you host with us.

Also, some ISPs block port 25! You may have to use your ISPs SMTP server instead of ours if this is the case. It is most likely "mail.isp.com" or "smtp.isp.com". You can still have your from email address be @yourdomain.com even if you're using your isps SMTP server fortunately!

NOTE.. you must set your username for the outgoing SMTP server (in Netscape for example under "Outgoing Mail Server User Name) to be the same as your incoming mail server username. It will then ask you for your password the first time you send mail. We use Authenticated SMTP.

NOTE FOR EUDORA USERS: As reported by a user ... "In Eudora each of the personalities needs to have a server specified in the incoming mail section. Even if it doesn't check the email on that account." If you are having trouble sending email from one of your domains, this may be the cause.

We do NOT currently support secure SMTP (although we do support SSL IMAP and POP).

Last updated: May 16, 2005.

User Post (2006-01-09 06:50:00 by meiresearch)
Has anyone figured out how to get Entourage, OS X 10.4.3, to stop whining about the certificate? I've tried following all the instructions, but to no avail. Somehow it does not see the certificate as a <i>root</i> certificate.
User Post (2006-01-03 00:53:22 by medlar)
Here's some info from the mac mail.app help about ssl whining:

"If your mail server uses a self-signed Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, each time you open Mail you'll see an error message stating that the certificate is not valid. You can continue, but you'll see the same message every time you open Mail. To stop seeing this message, you can permanently accept the certificate.

To permanently accept a self-signed SSL certificate:
Click the Show Certificate button in the error message.
The certificate appears with a certificate icon in the upper-left corner.

Hold down the Option key and drag the certificate icon to the desktop.
Double-click the certificate icon on the desktop, and choose X.509 Anchors from the pop-up menu. Click Add.
The certificate is permanently accepted.

You must have permission to administer the computer for this procedure to work."
User Post (2005-11-21 18:05:01 by jonathanfeldman)
I also would like to see SSL / TLS support for SMTP.
User Post (2005-11-21 08:40:34 by cgtyoder)
Well, I tried benstable's suggestion on Windows XP Pro (SP2) and that does not appear to be working any more - any one for a new workaround?
User Post (2005-11-20 20:26:11 by hinrg)
On Comcast I have discovered that the default SMTP port outbound is blocked, except to the comcast mail servers. However, port 587 (mail.example.com:587) works for SMTP outbound, and authentication is required.
User Post (2005-09-08 13:23:56 by cgtyoder)
At 2005-07-01 15:47:00, benstable wrote about fixing the incorrect SSL warning. I did this on my Mac, thinking it would work (add the line to /etc/hosts; I can even ping mail.dreamhost.com and it returns the IP of mail.mydomain.org, but Entourage still gives a warning, "Unable to establish a secure connection to mail.dreamhost.com because the correct root certificate is not installed." Any idea of a Mac solution here?
User Post (2005-08-01 14:30:03 by vargo)
I was going INSANE... thank you so much for the Port 587 advice!
User Post (2005-07-06 08:56:04 by foster_grin)
My ISP (Rogers) just blocked port 25 without Authentication, unfortunately they did it when I was away on vacation so it was the last thing I looked for. Thanks for the "587", it saved me allot of swears.
User Post (2005-07-01 15:47:00 by benstable)
Hey guys, here's an easy workaround to make your email client stop whining about mismatched encryption certificates with secure POP or IMAP.

First, find out what the IP address of mail.yourdomain.com is. This can be accomplished by pinging it.

Once you have that, you need to put this line in your C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file, replacing A.B.C.D with the IP address you just found:
A.B.C.D mail.dreamhost.com

Then all you have to do is configure your mail client to use mail.dreamhost.com as the POP/IMAP server.

Hope this helps!
User Post (2005-06-22 08:51:00 by jonhassall)
Anyone figured out how to get rid of the SSL Certificate warning in Outlook Express when using POP or IMAP SSL? I would like it to shut up!
User Post (2005-05-27 09:46:31 by sgalliver)
Another possible solution, if you don't have access to ssh and your mail client allows you to use separate credentials for IMAP/POP and SMTP, is to create a user/mailbox with minimal permissions, access, and disk space. You can use this minimal user for sending mail, thus protecting your main user's mailbox password.

Remember also that each user can have separate shell and mailbox passwords, so a leaked mailbox password won't result in total 0wn3rship.

User Post (2005-03-15 07:43:21 by jackdh)
Even though Dreamhost does not support Secure SMTP, you can use SSH to tunnel SMTP mail for the same effect.

ssh -N -p 22 -c 3des username@example.com -L 10025/localhost/25

This opens up a ssh tunnel which routes all mail sent to port 10025 on my local machine to port 25 on Dreamhost's server.

You can make this process seamless by (1) generating a SSH key pair [ssh-keygen -t dsa] with no password (just hit return) from you personal computer, (2) copying id_dsa.pub from your personal computer to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in your dreamhost home folder, then (3) making the above SSH tunnel line a script that automatically runs on login. On my Mac, SSH Tunnel Manager does this last step great: it creates the tunnel on login and the process is completely automatic and transparent.
User Post (2005-03-14 20:31:53 by elmore)
Dreamhost Rocks, thanks for the 587 suggestion, earthlink just started to not only block port 25 but ALSO will not allow me to send my domain email through their auth outgoing servers
User Post (2005-03-10 08:34:33 by jgadda)
could someone tell me how to use port 587 in Eudora? evidently whatever ISP that provides my office's internet access just started blocking port 25 (and our company is too small to have the luxury of a network admin to fix these things)
User Post (2005-03-09 06:24:43 by kgraff)
Port 587 seems to work for 550Access dialup too. Port 25 stopped working yesterday.
User Post (2005-03-08 18:59:07 by mdodge)
port 587!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
User Post (2005-03-06 07:29:04 by xmvaldez)
Thanks for port 587!!!
User Post (2005-02-23 10:18:24 by bbcontractors)
Port 587

User Post (2005-02-15 23:21:22 by tonypt)
I one day suddenly had problems with my SMTP and read this string of posts. THANK YOU DREAMHOST and THANK YOU Wesc for suggesting port 587. I guess the folks down at SBC DSL (Los Angeles, CA) started blocking port 25. (Nice of them to NOT SEND AN EMAIL!!)

Phew...... Tony


User Post (2005-01-24 22:05:46 by ohhush)
Anyone have any luck with comcast?
User Post (2004-09-29 12:38:32 by jimkoz)
Our ISP is JUNO, and I FINALLY got e-mail to send using Outlook. As "mombaccus" above says, you have to go into your server properties (tools-accounts-properties) and make sure the "my server requires authentication" box is checked.
User Post (2004-05-22 13:32:01 by leesweet)
Note those in 'Verizon' but physically in old GTE territory can still use 25. The 587 is a great answer! :)
User Post (2004-02-07 16:02:17 by silykitty)
Hi there I spent three days trying to find out what the problem was when I could not send out emails on outlook express using dreamhost email server. I called the cable company they said they block out port 25 and I tried other ports nothing worked. I could get mail just fine but could not send it out of course. So I found a way around it I am now using netscape mail I can even use it as a POP email server lol. Road Runner is who I use and they block out port 25 and other ports because of so called "spam" But of course most of us know the truth they want more $$ for bigger email boxes or to get you to sign up with them with a business account. But glad I found a way around it. So if you are scratching your head and wondering why you cant send mail but can get it now you know why.. P.S. I love dream host!

Mandy in Ohio
User Post (2004-01-20 13:42:33 by ptbcana)
Is it remotely possible for Dreamhost to provide SSL or TLS on SMTP anytime in the future?
User Post (2003-08-04 14:48:00 by bdip)
"Just got this from DH tech support. You can use port 587 for DH mail servers. Works great thru Earthlink (port 25) "

Works for sympatico.ca too! :)
User Post (2003-04-16 10:29:24 by wesc)
Just got this from DH tech support. You can use port 587 for DH mail servers. Works great thru Earthlink (port 25)
User Post (2003-02-24 14:05:54 by emilysho)
anybody have any suggestsions for AT&T DSL??? sometimes i use earthlink dial-up, but sometimes i use my friend's DSL account and i can't figure out how to get it to send?
User Post (2002-10-14 15:30:57 by anthonyi)
I love you dreamhost, screw MSN.
User Post (2002-10-10 20:59:33 by veek3)
does anyone know about juno?
please email me vcs@vcsproductions.com
User Post (2002-06-27 08:31:59 by johnr)
Thanks! I had the same problem with Verizon DSL, if it wasn't for you guys, I would have pulled my hair out.
User Post (2002-02-26 12:09:43 by mombaccus)
Great!!! I was about to cancel Verizon DSL. If you can not send emails thru your dreamhost email useing Outlook Ex you need to click in your Outgoing Mail Server; My Server Requieres Authentication. Hope that serves guys.
User Post (2002-02-15 15:46:51 by luciano)
I'm using earthlin as well and port 25 seems to be an issue.

Is there another port to send email out that can be used instead of 25 to have my smtp server show up as
smtp.mydomainname.com ??
User Post (2002-02-14 14:08:07 by klee)
I think Earthlink has the same problem (blocking port 25) that doesn't allow me to use my webhost SMTP.

User Post (2002-01-06 06:19:41 by jwaddell)
Anyone get email to work with verizon? They do indeed suck. Maybe we can flood thier complaint email box.
User Post (2001-10-19 11:49:36 by doobie)
Verizon sucks .
User Post (2001-07-20 01:24:29 by metascene)
I switched my incoming and outgoing mail servers and it seems like Verizon (officially my acct is still with BellAtlantic.net, who knows) IS blocking the 25 port. I cannot send email via my domain email. Can i just change the port setting to something other than 25? What would I change it to? Do I need to use Dreamhost's authenticated SMTP? How do I do this?
User Post (2001-07-15 19:00:56 by briang)
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a Verizon DSL customer in the DC area and was upset by their e-mails. I am successfully using my domain.com to send outgoing e-mails and so far, Verizon hasn't blocked them. *fingers crossed* It was nice to see that the Post ran this article.
User Post (2001-07-09 11:45:48 by cumber)
<A href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A25051-2001Jul5.html">This Washington Post article</A> of July 6th proves a problem for Verizon users who host through Dreamhost. They are not going to be blocking port 25, however they will be using their own authentication process, which means any server they detect as "sent mail" will be blocked.