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Question   v3.1 January 2001
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v3.1 January 2001
0.	Introduction - Happy New Year!
1.	Vibeflow - Cool Tunes!
2.	Final Winner Of The Coveted Dreamhost Visor Contest
3.	Dreamhost 2.0 Migration
4.	Playstation 2 Winner
5.	DHSOTM - Dreamhost Site Of The Month
6.	Conclusion - Random Quotes From newdream.net


Welcome to a brand new year and the first installment of the Dreamhost
Newsletter for 2001!  I am hoping that you are all ready for new goals to
be reached, new challenges to overcome, and new adventures to fulfill your
lives.  My goal for the New Year you ask? (Well, thanks! I didn't know you
cared...) My first goal for the new year is to keep you up to date on the
happenings here at New Dream Network / Dreamhost Web Hosting.  My second
goal is to (hopefully) entertain you.  My third goal is to get you a
little more acquainted with the individuals who work for you at Dreamhost.  
We are a very diverse group of people, so I expect that it will take more
than a couple of newsletters for you to get to know us all (heh heh just a
little job security for myself, if you don't mind).  So, lots of goals...
Lets get to it!!!

1.  VIBEFLOW - and the usual getting to know you stuff:

This is the part where you get to meet Jorge.  He is one of the
coordinators of Vibeflow, DreamHost's (er, New Dream Network's) online
radio station.  Jorge has a real love for music which is evident the
moment you meet him.  Jorge writes electronic music that will eventually
find its release through Lush Recordings, a label which he started with
fellow new dreamer, Sage.  Jorge began to learn about the web when he
became a New Dream Network Member.  After a couple of stints at a few Los
Angeles based web companies, Jorge decided to rejoin his friends here at
NDN to help build Vibeflow.  Jorge and the Vibeflow team have given their
all to this project.  They are actively promoting Vibeflow to ensure that
it remains at the forefront of the streaming media frenzy... uh whoops, I
meant industry.  Here is what Jorge has to say:

We at New Dream Network have always strived to make use of new
technologies to provide better service to our customers.  The advances in
streaming media applications now enable us to enrich your lives with music
as well. For a few months now we have been nurturing the growth of
Vibeflow (http://www.vibeflow.com/), our very own web station. The current
format is focused on broadcasting the latest sounds spawning from the
electronic music scene that is defining youth culture today.

Our shows are hosted by a talented team of DJs every evening from Sunday
through Friday. All shows are recorded and archived so that you can have
access to hours of music at any time during the day or night.  In
addition, we will begin broadcasting a live club night from the Martini
Lounge in Hollywood every Thursday night.  In short, we've set out to give
you access to some of the hottest music genres alive today. Visit us every
day to partake in the experience!


This is the last month of DreamHost's Handspring Visor Contest Giveaway.  
The prize is a hand held palm-pilot compatible organizer that comes in
"DreamHost blue".  It is a $269.00 "value" and you can check out the
official rules at this URL:  http://www.dreamhost.com/contest/ .

The final, lucky winner is Owen Kinser.  The site that Owen has hosted
with us is pretty cool.  It has some pictures of his band and is located
at http://evamore.net/ , so check it out.  Congratulations Owen!!! We will
get in touch with you soon to verify your address, so that we can send
your prize out to you.  The rest of us will just have to be DreamHost
green with envy.

3. Dreamhost 2.0 Migration:

We are still in the process of moving our customers on the DreamHost
system over to our new and improved DreamHost 2.0 system.  Things are
going well, and we are working at a feverish pace to get as many of our
happy DreamHost customers moved to the new system as quickly as possible.  
We appreciate your patience.  We have a total of close to 1000 customers
moved at this point.  Our rate of transfer from the old system to the new
one continues to escalate, so we are getting more customers moved each
day!  We estimate that the move will be all finished around March 31,
2001.  So hang in there, we will get you moved as soon as we can. And
remember, you can ask to be moved sooner or just check on the status of
the move at https://secure.newdream.net/admin/waitlist.cgi any time, DAY


We have presented our first Playstation 2 Prize to Hala Winter of New
York.  We all get very excited when we inform a recipient of their prize,
so when Hala's name was drawn as the winner of the Playstation 2 we rushed
to the telephone.  Josh was chosen to deliver the good news, due to his
long fingers; I suppose.. all the better for dialing the phone.  When
Hala's boyfriend (we think) answered the phone he was a bit incredulous at
first about who we were and what business we had calling his girlfriend.  
He said that he didn't believe us, and that Hala was sick and unable to
make it to the phone to talk to us.  We think he didn't like that Josh was
calling his girlfriend.  So Josh, fearless leader that he is, (because you
never know what a boyfriend might do if he thinks you are trying to
smoothe up on his lady) got off the phone and told us what happened...
then he called right back!!!  Boyfriend was really irritated then!!! Josh
just assured him that we really were telling the truth, and that Hala won
the Playstation 2, but that if she chose we would just give her the cash
equivalent for it instead.  Maybe when Josh was telling us all the events
of the phone call, Hala was telling her Prince Charming that the
Playstation 2 was going to be his Christmas present; because he was pretty
quick to change his tune...  It didn't take long for him to finally
believe us and it was at that point that he began to get really excited.  
He just started saying, "That's going to me! That's going to me!", over
and over again.  We still hadn't actually talked to Hala though, so we
asked him to have her call us when she felt better (security purposes of
course).  We missed Hala's call, but Brett our Sales Team Leader finally
did get into contact with her and he sent the Playstation 2 next day air.  
And the Playstation made it to Hala's in time for Christmas. Which is what
we (and boyfriend) were hoping for, I have to admit we were all a little
worried that boyfriend still didn't believe us, and that he might have
already caught a plane to come take it out of Josh's behind. (Josh had
been hiding it there to keep it away from all the drooling NDN employees
who wanted a first crack at it.. no pun intended.)


The Dreamhost Site of the Month Contest winner for this month is Thomas
Meimarides.  His site is really great and you should all take a look at it
when you have time.  It is filled with Thomas's art.  There are some
breathtaking digital photos, as well as some sculpture and drawings.  He
also has some really great black and white photos there.  You can _also_
find out a bit more about Thomas's well-traveled life and what he likes
and what he hates. Thomas's site is located at http://www.tmeimarides.cx/ 
So feel free to get to know your Internet Neighbor a bit.  Remember to
keep voting for your favorite DHSOTM (currently only available to
DreamHost 1 customers), there is always next month...

6. CONCLUSION - Random Quotes From newdream.net

So the first month of this year has gone by more quickly than I would care
to remember.  Ready for the next?  I hope so, and I also hope that you
will keep your eyes peeled for next month's newsletter.  : )

The Roman Rule: The one who says it cannot be done should never interrupt
the one who is doing it.

"The whole world is about three drinks behind." - Humphrey Bogart

The little pieces of my life I give to you, with love, to make a quilt to
keep away the cold.

QOTD: "It's a cold bowl of chili, when love don't work out."

If I'd known computer science was going to be like this, I'd never have
given up being a rock 'n' roll star. -- G. Hirst

Never argue with a fool -- people might not be able to tell the

I got this powdered water -- now I don't know what to add. -- Steven


Last updated: Jan 31, 2001.