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Question   Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
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5. Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
Yes you can. Why would you want to? It's funny, free, contains relevant information and only comes once a month. But if you really want to, simply go to the contact info tab at panel.dreamhost.com/id/ and uncheck the box next to DreamHost Newsletter! See, it's easy.

Last updated: Dec 05, 2002.

Official Reply (2002-03-28 08:30:34 )
I heard that.
User Post (2005-05-31 19:11:20 by cupshop)
Weird, I always comment to my husband how much I enjoy and appreciate the delivery of a once-a-month newsletter, rather than several a week. I also think that the writer is funny, and I've even REREAD the newsletters here in the archive to find information.
User Post (2005-02-04 13:17:28 by sdickstein)
can someone please tell me how to unsubscribe from this news letter...get me out of this "nerd hell"!!!!
User Post (2004-07-07 06:02:11 by c1989)
The Newsletter is occasionally funny. LOL
User Post (2004-05-05 11:33:29 by mikomi0)
*I* think he quite humorous as does my roommate *shrugs* I like it ^_^
User Post (2003-10-27 18:57:23 by council)
whats your problem? give the guy a break.. at least they give a dam about us, and put up newsletters, dreamhost have better things to do you know.
User Post (2003-04-07 03:28:39 by valve)
Humor is subjective, tres. Lighten up.
User Post (2002-03-27 20:46:35 by tres)
It's NOT funny. Josh is a jackass. Please just give us the news until you find someone who really has a sense of humor. I stay subscribed for the news. Unfortunately that means I have to put up with Josh's stupid stories and comments as well. What is he...like 15 or something?