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Question   v2.1 January 2000
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v2.1 January 2000
Table of Contents
0. Introduction.
1. DHSOTM Round-up.
2. Suggestion Round-up.
3. Dreamhost 2000!
4. Mailing List improvement!
5. Contest continues.. wu-tang wu-tang.
6. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net

0. Introduction.

Does it seem like each month our newsletter comes out later than the month 
before? Well, you must be crazy, because that is just totally untrue! Okay,
just kidding, it has been getting a bit later recently, but the reason, of 
course, is Y2K. See, the reason this newsletter is getting to you so late 
is because of various Y2K-related glitches. For these last two weeks we've 
been spending all our time going to canned food drives, turning our gas-
powered electric generators into plowshares, and convincing the small 
militia we hired and trained that we really won't be needing their 
services again... really. With all that going on we've barely had time to 
do anything at all, much less write a newsletter about it, son only now have 
I finally been able to string the three minutes together necessar to spit 
out your everyday ordinary run of the mill DreamHost Newsletter. My apologies 
to all of those who have signed up since we last sent a Newsletter out and
therefore don't know what a high quality literary artifact it normally is.
For you 25,000 (plus or minus 24,000), why not visit the archive at the
web panel and take a trip down DreamHost nostalgia lane?

1. DHSOTM Round-up.

Ta DA! http://never-ever.net/ wins this month! What is never-ever.net? 
Well, Ben says: "personal site framed by interactive user site --
nevercards (never-ever.net/nevercards/), neverboard (never-ever.net/theboard/), 
nevermail (never-ever.net/yourmail/), etc. original design and content,
kinda.. hand drawn." and that last bit right there is what everybody likes
about it. Check it out.. it is really nice! Maybe we'll see some more
sites in this vein soon! And don't forget you can submit your site and
vote on others' at the web panel!

2. Suggestion Round-up.

And this month's big winner with the most popular suggestion is "More Webspace" 
by user "bsii" which asks for us to provide more storage on all our plans for 
the same price we're currently charging. Okay, sounds good to us! As soon as 
DH2000 is done and we revamp our plans you'll see a big increase in the amount
of storage space included (including retroactively for all the old accounts!).
It's just like our customers to ask for more more more for less less less.. but
that's why we love ya! (As long as it doesn't get too less less less...)

3. No More ACH!

Until today we used to accept automatic withdrawal from customer's checking 
accounts as a form of payment other than by credit card or paper check or money
order through the mail. The reason I say "until today" is that as of today we
will no longer be accepting this form of payment until future notice. The reason
is because the service we were using to provide this has been providing us very
poor service and have been making it close to impossible to handle transactions 
in this manner. For one, they provide close to no accounting for ACH transactions
through them, for two, they have given us a ridiculously low monthly limit and 
have refused to raise it, for three their system doesn't work with a bunch of
browsers, and for four their customer service has been very poor. We haven't been
able to find any place that offers the service we'd like at the current time 
(although a few have promised to have it within the next quarter or so.. so we'll see!)
so we've had to make the decision to discontinue support for this. It was basically
much much more hassle than it's been worth. Paper checks mailed to Dreamhost
PO BOX 5479, Huntington Park, CA 90255 will have to replace that for the time 
being. Our apologies!

4. Win That Funky DreamCast White Boy!

This is just a final reminder that our newest contest the "Win A DreamCast" one (in 
which we actually give away FIVE Sega DreamCasts.. which we hear they named after us)
is over on January 31st. We'll have a new contest most likely at that point, but it's
not too late to stuff the ballot box with entries for you! Go to 
http://www.dreamhost.com/contest/ to learn more if you don't already know. I'd write
it all out here but I've already been doing this for 2 minutes and 37 seconds so I'm
a bit pressed here.. I've still got to get all those random quotes in in the next 23

5. Random Quote(s) from newdream.net.

"I called my parents the other night, but forgot about the time
difference. They're still living in the fifties." -- Strange de Jim

and ooh I like this one:

"All the simple programs have been written."

and this one too!

"Laugh at your problems; everyone else does."

Well that's it for this month's mini-newsletter. I promise next time we'll take up
a lot more of your time!

Josh et all...

Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.