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Question   v2.3 March 2000
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v2.3 March 2000
Table of Contents
0. Introduction.
1. DHSOTM Round-up.
2. Suggestion Round-up.
3. $30 Domain Registration!
4. Adventure to see Patrick Shen!
5. New contest! 
6. Banner Ad Promotion!
7. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net

0. Introduction.

Hey! March fourth was my birthday and did I get a single Happy Birthday message from
a single DreamHost customer? Huh? Did I? NO! Not a one! I got TONS from all my close,
personal friends, and even more from people wishing me a happy birthday while trying
to get me to sign up for their religion or alladvantage.com. But not a single wish 
(or present!) from any of my fair-weather DreamHost friends. I'm truly disappointed
in you. Don't I wish each and every one of you a happy birthday when yours comes around?
Well if I miss it, it's only because I didn't know.. not because I didn't care!

Wait, what's that excuse? You're trying to say YOU didn't know! Oh, hmm.. well yeah I 
_might_ have never mentioned it before. But well um, anyway, from now on you shouldn't 
forget. Here's my mnemonic: It's the only day of the year that's also a command.

Also it might have been a bit tricky remembering it since this year had that tricky Leap 
Year deal. You might have thought it was a day earlier than it actually was, or somehow 
gotten a bit mucked up with February just being so dog-gone short. Don't worry, even after
my super-informative introduction to the last newsletter, people around the office STILL 
didn't know what the deal was with this year's leap day (as portrayed in this authentic
 email conversation!):

Today's actually March 1, right?
Because of that special leap-leap year thing or something?

Almost all of our computers think its really Feb 29th.
And... I don't seem to be able to change the date on my computers without the 
day of the week being wrong.  

Any big ideas?

actually, according to brad, this is actually a leap-leap-leap year. 
every 100 years it's supposed to be not a leap year, except every 400
years it actually is.

dunno where he heard that


It's the 29th. My Mac seems to know what the day is. :>

What OS are you on? Maybe BeOS has a little bug. I heard about this problem
- there are a few articles on Slashdot about it. It's kind of like Y2K Bug
v1.01 or something...

- Jeff
My Mac and BeOS both really do seem to know what day it is...
Margo is the one that didn't!



Okay, then Margo has a bug. :>

- Jeff
Geez, NOBODY read the newsletter last month?


1. DHSOTM Round-up.

Well, looking through the DHSOTM area of the web panel this month I made two conclusions.
One, it's really hard to have a positive score if your site has been reviewed more than 
five times, and two it's really hard to get your site reviewed less than five times. 

Therefore it should come as no surprise that the winner of this month's prestigious 
DHSOTM award (as decided by his peers) did so with a negative total score (-14 on 49 
votes) and an average vote of -.29. Nobody whose site has been on the list longer than a 
month scored higher, and so it is with much ceremonial hoo-haw I am proud to award the 
award for March of 2000 to http://www.vomitoxin.com/ 

The purpose of vomitoxin's site to me is a bit unclear, but I am the recommended "afraid, 
very afraid".

Don't forget to visit the DHSOTM area of the web panel to see what all this is about if 
you don't yet know!

2. Suggestion Round-up.

Speaking of fear, this month's suggestion winner is user "fear" who suggested we start 
doing domain name registration! Yeah he suggested it on December 17th and it's now March 
13th, but sometimes big changes take big time! That was a very good idea of his and we're 
happy he let us in on it. Hopefully he'll be happy when he checks his account balance 
and sees the PHAT $50 account credit! 

I'm "afraid" to see what other great suggestions he might make in the future. The 
thought makes me "tremble". What a "frightening" chance to improve our service.. it 
fills me with "dread".

If you want to make a great suggestion yourself, submit it through the suggestions area
of our web panel! Every month we give away a $50 account credit to the user with the best 
suggestion. Before making yours, please make sure nobody else has already submitted it!

3. $30 Domain Registration!

You: Hey what was all that stuff in the last section about DreamHost doing domain 

Me: Good thing you kept reading to this section, because this is where I explain it all!

First a brief history of domain registration for the uninitiated..

Domain registration is the process by which a person lays claim to a certain "domain name" 
(e.g. fearofsuggestions.org) by plunking down some cash for it. Domain names are given out 
on a first come, first served basis and have been getting quickly sucked up for the last 
seven or so years! Only recently did it become possible to register a domain from anywhere 
besides Network Solutions, who milked this monopoly for all they could; in fact they were 
just purchased by Verisign for something like 4 billion dollars.

Now 4 billion dollars isn't exactly a lot of money, but no amount of money is too small 
for DreamHost to not want a piece. That's why, with the recent opening up of the domain 
registration market, we've begun offering our own competing service! Why would you use 
Dreamhost's registration over Network Solution's or any of the other places out there? 
Here's what I can think of off-hand:

    We'll register it correctly for hosting with DreamHost with no hassle or confusion. 

    Your domain will be registered IMMEDIATELY upon your completion of the form at our web 

    We only charge $30/year (Network Solutions is still $70/2 years!). 

    You can choose to register domains for as little as 1 year all the way up to 10 years 
    in advance! 

    You can register domains up to 67 characters in length (including the .com,.net, or 

    Any modifications you make to your domain information take effect IMMEDIATELY! 

    You can easily deal with bulk registrations/modification right from your DreamHost Web 
    Panel! No confusing email interfaces, hassles, etc.. even if you ever decide to host 
    your domain somewhere else! 

That's right.. one thing everyone should be clear on is the difference between owning a 
domain name and having it actively hosted somewhere. No matter what, even if you host a  
domain on your own server, you have to register it with some registrar (like us!), paying
them a yearly fee. If you don't have the expertise, resources, or desire to host your
domain on your own, you then find a web-hosting place (like us!) and pay them a monthly fee
to deal with all the server stuff. So basically, we're now not just a webhost, we're also
a registrar. Just like I'm not just a newsletter writer, I'm also a client.
So by now you're probably wondering, "how do I take advantage of this great new service?"
EASY! Go to the web panel, and if you haven't already noticed, there's now a "Domain
Registration!" area with a (strangely familiar?) "NEW!" logo next to it. Click there and
read the instructions! Some final things to remember are that we currently only accept   
payment up front for domain names via credit cards online, and resellers do not get the
reseller discount on domain name purchases. Also, after registering your domain it may take
up to 24 hours for your domain to work on the web, just due to the delay in dns updates   
across the internet. However, your domain is CLAIMED as soon as you get it on our web panel,
and nobody can take it from you after that instant (without your permission).
Also, remember.. just buying a domain doesn't mean it's automatically hosted! You've got to
have a hosting plan from us if you want that domain to be active, or else it will just be   
reserved and sort of sitting around in the ethernet waiting for some action!

So enough talk.. get registering! You know you want to! (Screw the rest of the newsletter!)

4. Adventure to see Patrick Shen!

As some of you might remember, we had a contest to give away five Sega DreamCasts a couple 
of months ago. And as some of you might remember, we announced who won last newsletter and 
claimed we were then going to mail them their prizes. Well we did do all that, pretty much. 
One Monday night in late February when we were getting the boxes ready to go, I noticed 
that one of the winners, Patrick Shen, had an address only about 20 minutes away from 
DreamHost World Headquarters! So we decided to get a prize patrol together (me, Simon, 
Steve, and Natasha), complete with video camera and microphone, and go deliver the prize in 
person to his doorstep (at 11pm at night).

Not only would it be fun and provide us with possibly great video material for later, we
figured it was cheaper than mailing him the package, and we could pass the savings on to 

On the way there we stopped at Target to pick up some videotape for our camera, and while 
there we decided to buy Patrick the Soul Caliber game for the DreamCast.. since the deck 
itself didn't come with anything to play. Don't worry, we passed the cost on to you!

Then we stopped at McDonald's and interviewed the Drive-Thru lady, told her how we were the 
prize patrol and all that. She took it well.

Then we drove around for about another 45 minutes trying to find the stupid address listed 
in our database for Patrick! When we finally did find it, however, it turned out to be a 
one-hour photo place that offered mail boxes for rent! We should have known when an address 
says Box 202A it's not going to be the person's home! Heart-broken and disgruntled we were 
about to give up and return home when inspiration struck! We could call him and ask where 
he lives! But there were some issues with this. We would lose the element of surprise (we 
were hoping to catch him in the shower). Why would he trust us to give us his home address? 
We were but a loony "prize patrol" and it was late on a Monday night. How would we get his 
phone number? My laptop with the cdpd modem's batteries had died on the way down there as 
we used maps.yahoo.com for "navigation". My cell phone's battery had also died. We couldn't
even call him once we had the digits!

FORTUNATELY, my email pager (see http://www.elinkmail.com/) was still in working condition 
so we emailed everybody we could think of asking them to look in the database for his number. 
Jason replied first, but all he said was "okay i'll go look!". Then Sage replied with the 
number. Then Jason sent the number, and since it was the same one Sage gave we figured it 
was correct. Too bad we didn't have a phone! But wait.. finally Steve mentioned that HE had
a cell phone, and so we used that one. I don't know how prize patrols ever used to do it 
back in the early 80s!

I called the number and voice mail picked up right away, telling me to leave a message which 
will page him and he'd call right back. I doubted he'd call back right away, it being so 
late on a Monday night, but left a silly message about how we're the DreamHost prize patrol 
on our way to hand-deliver his DreamCast and we needed to know where he REALLY lives. We had 
Stevie Wonder playing in the car and coincidentally the song playing was "I just called to 
say I love you". So I ended the call by singing "I just called to say you wo-on, I just 
called to say I care..". We gave him Steve's cell phone to call back, and started to head 
home. We'd done the best we could, so then it was just a matter of waiting.

And wait we did. Approximately 90 seconds! Before we were even out of the parking lot, 
Patrick called back! He was ready to receive his prize! We told him where we were and he 
guided us to his apartment which was only about four blocks away! We were so excited! After 
circling the entire development once we came back around and there he was, waiting for us 
in the parking lot (apparently he only trusted us so far)! We arrived and whipped out the 
video camera and made the big presentation. We also awarded him hundreds of DreamHost and 
New Dream Network stickers and interviewed him! Unfortunately, it turned out the microphone 
wasn't on (another bang-up job, dripping with professionalism, courtesy of the prize patrol), 
but I do remember this quote from Patrick quite vividly:

"DreamHost rocks! A little WEIRD..."

5. New contest! 

Since we had such a fun time giving away those DreamCasts, we decided to do another give 
away! This time, it's Handspring Visors! What are they? They're palm-compatible handheld 
organizers that come in cool colors and have an expansion pack in the back of them. They're 
pretty smooth and still aren't available in stores! See the web site at 
http://www.handspring.com/ .. we're giving away one blue visor deluxe a month for at least 
the next ten months! 

It's the same rules as the last two contests in terms of entry.. and here's the recap (go to 
http://www.dreamhost.com/contest/ if you want the FULL MONTY):

Every DreamHost Customer gets 10 entries just for being.

Every DreamHost Customer that refers somebody to our service gets an extra 100 entries 
(per referral)!

Every DreamHost Customer that ads a new service of any type gets an extra 50 entries (per 

New DreamHost Customers get 100 entries just for signing up with DreamHost!

These entries started accumulating on March 1st and will continue until December 31st, 2000! 
Every month a new winner will be picked randomly, and will then be disqualified from winning 
another Visor. Remember, points keep accumulating so don't get disheartened! It's our biggest, 
most expensive, and grandest-in-scope contest EVER!

6. Banner Ad Promotion!

In an effort to stir up the creative juices within each of you, as well as to stir up our  
supply of banner ads, we are announcing a new promotion! We need banner ads for display at
various web-based advertising outlets we use, not to mention for more choices for our customers
to use in the rewards program. What better way to build that supply than to call upon our
greatest resource of all, our thousands of super-talented Happy DreamHost Banner Designers/
Hosting Customers? There isn't one!

But we're not just asking you to do this out of the kindest of your gentle, happy hearts. No,
we know there'd better be something in it for you. And there is. Every person who submits a
valid banner to us will get a total of 10,000 free ad views of their OWN banner at Dreambook.com,
the world's 2nd largest free guestbook service! Each additional banner you submit entitles
you to 2,000 extra ads, up to a maximum of 20,000 ads per person. The guidelines for submission

Banners may be of the following dimensions: 468x60, 125x125, or 88x31.
They must be gifs (animated is okay) or jpegs and under the size of 15k, 8k, and 3k (respectively,
based on dimensions).

We'd like it if you try to incorporate the moon logo, and possibly the phrase "Prices down,
 Servers Up!" but that's just a suggestion, you can do whatever you'd like!

To submit your banner, send an email to banners@dreamhost.com with the following information:
your username and the url you'd like your banners at DreamBook to point to.

Attach to that email first the banner ad you'd like to show at DreamBook for your own site,
named username.gif or .jpg (this banner must be 468x60 and rated "G"). Also attach after that all
your submissions of DreamHost banners.
Please name them as follows:

username_size_num.gif or .jpg (where size is 468,125, or 88 and num increments for multiple 

The deadline for submissions is midnight, PST March 26th, 2000. After that all who submitted will 
receive info on when their banner ads will be shown on DreamBook and how they can track the 
impressions and click-thrus.

All banner ads submitted through this promotion become the sole property of DreamHost Web Hosting 
and can be used at their discretion without further permission from the creator! That's the deal! 
Who's with me?

7. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net

"Millions long for immortality who do not know what 
to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." 
                                       --Susan Ertz

I chose that quote because I'm actually writing this newsletter on a rainy Sunday afternoon. 
See, I know what to do with myself.. give ME immortality!


Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.