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Question   v2.8 August 2000
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v2.8 August 2000
Table of Contents
0. Introduction.
1. DH2 Announcement!
2. DHSOTM Round-up.
3. Suggestion Round-up.
4. Fifth Visor Contest Winner!
5. Random Quote(s) From newdream.net

0. Introduction.

Guess who's back? You get two guesses and the first one doesn't count! 
Anybody who guesses "Anita" gets their account disabled! Just kidding, 
we'll just randomly change all your passwords instead! Of course I'm 
just kidding again! You'd probably be best off just assuming everything
I say is a "just kid" that way I won't have to type it any more and we
can all save time as well as precious bandwidth. Anyway, the answer to
that first question was "JOSH". Like, _DOI_! Not that Anita is gone for
good.. she's working on the September newsletter right this moment (uh
oh yeah, this is the August one by the way.) and will be back in the
writer's pit within two shakes of a tiger's knuckle. As my uncle used
to say.

(Hey! If you're new and don't know of either Anita or Josh, we've got the
entire newsletter archive for ya at:

Speaking of "DOI", I have to tell everybody I can this story. See, there's 
this not so popular Pakistani kid at my little brother and sister's school 
named Akbar. His family went on a camping trip with us (maybe THAT's why
this newsletter is so late... see http://www.khantengri.com/ for where we
went!) much to Ben (my little brother)'s chagrin. So Ben pretty much
ignored him, but Hope (my little sister) doesn't care if Akbar's maybe a 
little dim and hung out with him some. Well, during one of those hanging outs 
Hope realized that if she pulled her hat down over her eyes she could still 
see through it. Akbar didn't believe her, and so said, in his distinctive 
Pakistani accent, "OKAY... Who am _I_?" (It was just he and Hope there! I 
overheard the exchange from a distance). Hope immediately replied "Akbar; DOI!"

Heh heh, that's cracked me up numerous times since then.. just thinking to 
myself, "OKAY, Who am I?" in my best mental Pakistani accent. I mean no 
offense to any Pakistanis reading this, but man, it was pretty funny.
In case you're not really sure what a Pakistani-English accent sounds like,
there's a quick wav file demo for you at http://www.dreamhost.com/okay.wav

1. DH2 Announcement!

OKAY, What is next? 
Next is the moment many of you have been waiting for for the good part of a 
year.. the close to final release of DreamHost 2.0, our swanky new hosting 
system you might have noticed is up at http://www.dreamhost2.com/

OKAY, What is 'close to final release'? 
Well for the last few weeks we've been letting new customers choose whether 
they want to sign up for the old DreamHost system (which is more stable) or 
the new DreamHost system (which has more features and newly designed plans). 
We are doing this to slowly grow the number of live users on the system, which 
helps us iron out more and more problems before we try to migrate all of our 
existing users over to DH2.

OKAY, What about old customers? 
We plan to within the next week stop allowing any new customers to sign up 
for the old system or plans. At that point the old system (DH1) will no longer 
be growing, and then we can begin moving old customers into the new environment. 
That will be a very time-consuming and delicate procedure, and we plan to do 
it so that of course no features will be disabled or unavailable at all during 
it. The order in which we plan to move people across will be in reverse order 
of when they signed up (a lifo queue for the cs inclined). That is, the people 
who signed up most recently will be moved over first. This order was decided 
because generally the longer you've been with us the more complicated an array 
of services you have and the harder it is to move you. By moving the easier 
people first we will more quickly free up servers (which have to have their 
operating system upgraded to move from DH1 to DH2), not to mention be more 
skilled at the whole process by the time we get to the trickier moves. We will
offer people who would like to be moved earlier than they would naturally the 
ability to get to the front of the line, just by going to 
https://secure.newdream.net/admin/waitlist.cgi and following the instructions 
there. Hurry to that URL if you're interested because it'd first come, first 

OKAY, But I don't want to move! 
We understand that some of you might not be too keen on moving, especially 
when you see that most of our new plans, despite offering many more features, 
cost a little bit more. Well don't worry! Our price freeze is of course still 
in effect! When we move our current customers over to DH2, every plan they have 
will automatically be upgraded to the equivalent in the new system (Archive Boy 
plans will become Sweet Dreams), BUT AT THE OLD PRICE FOR AS LONG AS YOU KEEP 
THE PLAN! For most people that will mean dozens of new mail accounts and dozens 
of megabytes of extra storage space, plus extra sub-domains and full domains for 
no additional cost. It's the least we could do to thank all our Happy DreamHost 
Customers for their loyalty and support during this seemingly never-ending 
development cycle!

OKAY, Please keep me posted! 
You can review the current status of the DH2 migration at any time from the 
old web panel (https://secure.newdream.net/admin) by clicking the DreamHost 2.0 
link at the top.

2. DHSOTM Round-up.

OKAY, Who has won?
http://www.factor-software.com/, DOI!

Chalk full of Shareware for the Macintosh you've just gotta love all those
cute little maccy logos and animated GO> links everywhere. If you've got a
Mac, check it out, and if you don't go anyway because you can click one of
the banners and BUY ONE! (Like one of those neat new G4 cubes.. or a "Sage"

Don't forget to put up your DHSOTM logo, and if you didn't win or haven't
even voted, don't forget to visit:

3. Suggestion Round-up.

OKAY, Suggest away!
Since last time we've implemented a number of suggestions from our to do
list (see https://secure.newdream.net/admin/todo.html) and given $25 credits
to the following users (check your billing history suckas!):

candi, glyph, pca, vls, and sfp.

To see what's been done and what's been suggested (and make your own
suggestion if nobody's already thought of it) visit our to do list and
maybe next month you'll see YOUR username listed above and have an extra
fat $25 sitting in your account balance! DOI!

4. Fifth Visor Contest Winner!

Don't forget our current giveaway running from now until the end of the
year!  We're giving away one Handspring Visor a month (they're palm-pilot
compatible organizers that come in DreamHost blue!) to some lucky guy or
gal, as per the official rules at http://www.dreamhost.com/contest/

We haven't announced to the winner yet who they are, and we do know it is
somebody who is receiving this newsletter. So therefore, keep reading to
see if it is YOU who won this month's Visor (a $269 value)! 

And the winner is... Laurie Roberts! Way to go, Laurie! We'll be emailing you
soon to verify your shipping info and make sure everything is nice and

Keep on referring people and keep on adding services and keep on sending
index cards to up your chances in our great Visor giveaway! 

I just realized that this is going to be a regular section of the
newsletter for the next 6 months, so I've rewritten it in a way to make 
it easy to cut and paste for next time without much modification! Heck, 
maybe instead of spending all this time writing the newsletter each 
month I should spend it writing a script that generates newsletters... 

5. Random Quote(s) From newdream.net

"The program isn't debugged until the last user is dead."
"One good suit is worth a thousand resumes."
"Life is like a simile."
"The real problem with hunting elephants is carrying the decoys."


Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.