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Question   v2.10 October 2000
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v2.10 October 2000
Table Of Contents:
0.      Introduction.
1.      Charitable Contribution.
2.      DHSOTM Round-up.
3.      Jobs@dreamhost.com!
4.      Review us? Oh, please!
5.      Dh2 progress and suggestions!
6.      Seventh Visor Contest Winner.
7.      Everyone.net our new affiliate.
8.      Dedication.
9.      Conclusion and Random Quotes from newdream.net.

0.      Introduction:

Well, the time of Halloween is finally upon us.  This is the time when
you can disguise yourself as whatever you wish to be.  I think of it as an
opportunity to let loose.  An opportunity to step into the world of
fantasy and magic.  An opportunity to beg for candy!!! October is a
month filled with opportunity. I hope you will make the most of it and
live some part of your fantasy life to its most full potential. Please
take some time this month to create something wonderful in your life
that you have only dreamed of until now.  (he he get it ? D-R-E-A-M-
host?)   (Are you getting sick of me asking for favors yet?) 

In honor of taking advantage of the opportunities that present
themselves in front of us, I would like to take the moment for a sort of
disclaimer for this month's Dreamhost Newsletter.  I write these
messages to you monthly in the hopes that I will be able to inform you
of the important goings on at our company.  The other objective of this
Newsletter as I see it, is to hopefully entertain you and enrich your
life in some small way; if I can.  That is my intent anyway.  Please
remember that the ideas and opinions that I express are mine alone and
do not necessarily correspond with all my fellow coworkers.  We are a 
very diverse group of people, we often are in agreement with fundamental 
ideas and practices, however we are all unique and I would not want to 
begin to speak for my constituent's opinions, I will leave that up to 
them to discuss with you.
1.      Charitable Contribution:
Charitable Contributions in the name of DreamHost - Hey, that's right we
are givin' a little back!

At Dreamhost it is one of our most sincere desires not only to
contribute to the world of the Internet but also to help change the
world on the whole for the better.  We regularly help fund educational
scholarships in our community, as well as recycling as much as
possible.  I am going to do my best to keep you all informed of our
charitable contributions.  In my eyes these contributions are a result
of your payments and efforts as well.  We thank you for all your

This month (well, actually in late September) we contributed to the 
Boston-New York AIDS Ride 6.  The money goes to support Fenway Community 
Health, one of the nations first community based HIV research programs 
conducting long-term epidemiological research since 1985.  The New England 
site is testing the effectiveness of a preventative HIV vaccine.  I feel 
that in the future almost everyone's life will be affected by the HIV 
virus in some way.  We hope that in contributing to the research and 
development of new vaccines and cures we can do our part to help stop 
the tremendous loss to this earth each year, from this illness.  I thank 
you for your help in allowing us to be of service to our fellow man in 
need. It means a great deal to some, and hopefully we can unite to conquer 
this epidemic and make a positive impact on the entire world.

2.      DHSOTM Round-up:

AHHH YEAH!! The few.  The proud.  The distinguished members on the list
of all lists.  The winners of the Dreamhost Site Of the Month
Contest!!!.  As the year passes we add a new name to the list of winners
each month.  You may wonder "are these the best of the best?", and
certainly they are.  Do you think you have what it takes to be one? Then
go to the web panel and sign up!! 
To vote for your favorite site or to enter the contest just visit:

This month's winner is http://www.a-hall.com/. Why? Well, they were the
highest average vote getter who submitted their site prior to the start
of October! But, more imporantly, the REASON they were the highest average
vote getter was because of the incredibly creative (or you could perhaps
argue incredibly UNcreative) user interface to the site. This personal
site is done entirely in flash and set to mimic the Windows 2000 interface!
It's pretty cool and is definitely worth a quick poke through if you've got
the notion..

3.      Jobs@dreamhost.com!

In case you haven't been paying attention to our main site recently
(http://www.dreamhost.com for those of you REALLY not paying attention)
we thought it'd be smart to mention here we've now got a jobs@dreamhost
area up! It's at http://www.dreamhost.com/jobs.html and it'd got a 
listing of current positions we're trying to fill at both our L.A. and 
Boston locations. "Huh, wha, Boston?" Here's the spiel on Boston:

"The Boston Branch of New Dream Network, LLC is just getting started and is
in need of a few select, talented individuals to help form this new
working environment. The Boston Branch will act autonomously as a product
design team, consisting of a small group working closely together to
visualize, design, and create new products for the NDN web community. The
current office space has room for five and is located in downtown Boston
(Copley Square). All the typical NDN benefits (medical/dental, paid
vacations, equity options, flexible and fun work environment..) of course 
also apply to Boston employees. If you feel able to fulfill one of
the positions listed at our site and can handle an important role in 
an exciting and challenging young company, please take the time to contact 
us at jobs@newdream.net."

We thought what better pool of applicants than our own happy customers? 
They are technically-inclined and web-saavy, already familiar with our 
operations, and clearly possess the highest intelligence! So if you're 
interested in giving your old job the heave-ho, check out the page and
drop us a line!

4. Review us? Oh, please!

One thing we've always prided ourself here is how much our customers seem
to like us. We know there's always a few bad seeds out there, and we know
some customers just act like they like us so as not to hurt our feelings 
(we appreciate that too), but overall, people really do seem to like us who
do business with us! We like you too! 

It's come to our attention though that a lot of people who like us don't
really know a good way to show it. We really appreciate positive comments
sent to tech support (they all pretty much get forwarded to the whole
company and make everyone a little bit cheerier), and we also really 
appreciate positive comments and votes at any of those darn web hosting 
directory places. We know there's a lot of them these days (so many in
fact we're thinking of starting our own web hosting directory-directory)
and it's hard to know which one you should go to to spread the word of
how much you love Dreamhost the best. Let us provide some guidance..


We recently scrounged up the $4000/month it costs to be a "premier" listing
at webservices.cnet.com. That basically means you get a button next to your 
listing. What would really help now is some reviews and actually just 
clicking on our link. The reviews always look good, and cnet does this weird
thing where they list the most "popular" web hosts based on who gets the 
most clicks to their site from cnet each week. Kinda lame, but whatever, we'd
like to be on that list and you can help us!

is the url about us, click on submit your opinion to review us and "more
plan information" to go to our site and count your click towards our ranking.
You'd be amazed the amount of clout 10,000 rabid newsletter receivers really
have. We thank you for your contribution, and hey, it's good practice for
November 7th.

5. Dh2 progress and suggestions!

What's going on with Dh2? Well, it's gotten stable enough and feature-full
enough for us to begin the process of carefully migrating customers on our 
old system over. We've actually already successfully transferred two customers,
meaning we only have 99.98% more of your guys to go! That seems a lot worse 
than it is though, because there's way more work that had to go into those
first few transfers than the remaining untold thousands. That's because we
let a computer do the work for us! And as everybody knows, the hard part 
with computers is getting them to do something once. They'll usually repeat
it without much hassle from then on out.

So our big goal for the next few weeks to months is the successful, hassle-
free migration of everybody else on DH1 to DH2. Because of this, no 
suggestions for DH1 were implemented recently, and no more will be implemented 
in the future. It looked like the new suggestion arena was getting kind of 
barren anyway.. there weren't any in the last month we hadn't gotten plenty of
times before!

As for dh2 improvements, here are some of the things coming up:
Web-based access to all your mailboxes!
Web-based file upload and management!
Authenticated SMTP service!
Samba-based file serving! (you'll be able to see your dreamhost account in 
your network neighborhood and transfer files that way!)

To keep posted of how many people have been moved over to dh2 and what your
location is on that list, just visit our dh2 info page at the web panel.
We'll see you when you get there! (We actually don't even currently send
the newsletter to DH2 people. So that's one perk you guys got that they ain't
got! Of course they can read them through the web panel..)

6.      Seventh Visor Contest Winner

Our amazing contest which is going on until the end of this year is the
Dreamhost Visor Contest.  We choose one winner per month randomly to
receive the palm-pilot Compatible organizer, a perfect buddy in Dreamhost 
Blue.   It is a $269.00 value, pretty nifty huh?  

To up your odds at winning one of these babies remember to keep
referring people, and adding on services as well as sending in the index
cards. : )  Good Luck To All!!
The one to be jealous of this month is Robert Thacher.  Lucky
Devil!!  We will be contacting you shortly to verify your mailing
address so that we can send your  visor out as soon as possible.

7.      Everyone.net our new affiliate

Just thought you would all like to know about our new affiliation with
the network at Everyone.net.  We have teamed up with this company so
that we can now offer you free web based email.  We feel that
Everyone.net has a lot of similar ideas and practices as we do.  Their
mission statement on their site informs us that their desire is, "To
improve the Internet and promote its individuality by making important
services available to every site."  That sounds great to me.  We wanted
to be able to offer our amazing customers as many opportunities to
diversify their sites as we possibly can, and so in teaming up with
Everyone.net we are now able to offer more to you.  You can even build
revenue from the new services that are offered through this

Everyone.net is a leading provider of comprehensive web services that
help sites increase traffic, keep visitors, and generate more revenue
without incurring any additional costs.  Their professional services can
be completely customized to match any website perfectly.
Our main reason for this affiliation is to help you to develop and
maintain services that increase traffic, loyalty, and revenue to your
sites so that you will be able to keep a focus on the unique
contributions that your site makes to the Internet.  Everyone.net feels
that this mutually beneficial relationship allows us all to participate
in and promote each other's growth and success.

****Special Note: For those of you who would prefer it you can also use
bigmailbox.com. ; )  As usual, we are trying to empower you with choice
so you may live to your utmost potential.  To fulfill your dreams, if 
you will!

8.      Dedication.

It seems to me that there has been a great deal of loss of life this
month.  Maybe there has been no actual increase, but perhaps my mind is
more willing to recognize it.  I have seen many instances in the news,
foreign and domestic.  I would like to dedicate this Newsletter to all
that have lost someone close to them.  I would also like to make my own
dedication to my lost one as well.

On October 20, 1996 my whole life changed.  I could feel it all the way
down to the deepest parts of my soul.  The parts that nobody ever gets
to talk about with you.  I had no desire to go out for Monday Night
Football, which was an indicator itself.  I never used to miss Monday
Night Football at the watering hole.  Somehow, though, I knew that my
existence was about to change.  That night,  William James Lemen and
Wanda Howard were killed instantly in a car wreck coming down the old,
Mt. Baldy road.  Wanda was a good friend, a strong woman, and a
beautiful addition to my life.  Will, was my one and only true love.
Needless to say, there was much that I would have to learn about.  Like
I said this changed my whole existence, the ramifications of which I
have yet to completely realize even now.

After the initial craziness and tears I began to wonder how I would be
able to continue on with my life.  The day of the funeral I looked to my
father for advice.  His words to me were, "Be strong."  I thought to
myself, humm that's all you've got for me today? The worst day of my
life, and that's all you're going to give me to work with.  A few hours
later, surrounded by family and dearest friends I realized that was
exactly what I was going to need, strength.  I didn't have much; I could
barely keep from shaking involuntarily trying to hold myself together.

How lucky I was to have my cousins, my brother and my best friends all
ready to help.  When the time came that I thought I was going to really
lose my grasp on reality my brother coaxed me pass the casket and my
fathers words rang in my head.  He was right again; it would take all I
had just to keep on going.  I had to try at least to be strong.  I think
you can too.  It seemed like things wouldn't be ok;  ever again.  They
will be; and you will change and learn and grow from all of it. 

Many days since then have passed.  I wish I could be the one to tell you
that the pain of a loss so great does go away in time.  I think maybe
the pain changes, or you do, I am not sure which.  The good news you
ask?  Yes, there is some.  The good news is that although this will
continue to weigh on you, in time you learn how to live again.  

I think it is our duty to try to help those who do not yet know this
tragedy of death.  All that have lost and endeavored to persevere after
the loss must then also be strong enough to try to comfort the rest of
the world when they too find the feelings that they would rather not
ever know.  Try not to worry about it now, but when the time comes for
you to help, you will know what to say and do. BE STRONG!

9.      Conclusion and Random Quotes from newdream.net

Well, look at that you made it through another installment of our
Dreamhost Newsletter.  I thank you for that.  It is appreciated.  I'll
leave you now with the hope that you will look forward to next month's
Newsletter.  Don't go anywhere without reading the quotes first.  Have a
happy and safe Halloween.  I plan to live each day to the fullest.  I
plan to dance on Saturday night to the greatest drummer alive, Paul
D'Santi, until my legs don't want to work anymore.  I plan to cherish
each moment as though it is my last, because you just never know. I hope
your plans work out better than you expect.  In the words of Clarence
Worley "As the sun sets slowly in the west we bid a fond farewell to all
the friends we've made - and, with a touch of melancholy, we look forward
to the time when we will all be together again."

"personal days are intended to be days when you encounter a minor
emergency such as:
      your kid got sick
      your pet got hit by a car
      your car got towed       
basically non-vacation, non-sick days"
Michael (big boss man) - comments on the "personal day"

"These are also valid excuses for a personal day in my book:
     You woke up in another town and don't remember how you got there
     you got arrested for something you didn't do
     and/or you're still in prison waiting to be bailed out"
Steve (fearless Development team leader) - on the "personal day"

"Maybe we should call them emergency days"
Brett (your everyday trendsetting web-designing maniac) - bringing up a
whole new controversy: "the emergency day".

See ya!
- Anita (+ Josh; sections 3,4, and 5) 

Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.