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Question   v1.2 February 1999
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v1.2 February 1999
Table of Contents 
0. Introduction.
1. Growing Like Crazy!
2. Linux 2.2 Out!
3. Announcements system.
4. New Features.
5. Planned Improvements.
6. Dhsotm February '99.
7. Reminders.

0. Introduction

	It's that time again! The moment you look forward to every month.. the Dreamhost 
Newsletter! Don't worry, February is only 28 days long so once you've finished reading and 
re-reading this letter to your heart's content it won't be so long until you get the next one!

1. Growing Like Crazy!

	January was a banner month for us here at Dreamhost! We grew our customer 
base 22% in the last 31 days and have continued to add more capacity. There were some
hiccups in service due to this growth... some the result of human error and some machine.
We take full responsibility for any service interruptions you may have received during the
last month and are working hard to minimize these in the future. We have now all but
completed our new internal hosting system to allow infinite scalability for more growth
while maintaining the high level of performance at low prices you have come to expect 
from us.
	We are well equipped to deal with continued growth, so please 
don't hesitate to recommend us to your friends and colleagues!

2. Linux 2.2 Out!

	Linux is the great operating system on which we run all our servers. It is free,
stable, secure, very fast, and can run on a number of powerful hardware platforms. In the 
last week a major new release of Linux has come out which among other improvements
offers better support for SMP (having more than one CPU in a server). Many of our 
current servers are already SMP machines, but haven't been fully utilizing their capabilities
running Linux 2.0.36. We will begin the migration of these machines to 2.2... the upgrades
should result in close to zero downtime and we will announce the planned times well in
	For more information on our (and soon to be everybody's) favorite OS, here is a
5 part PC Week report: http://www.zdnet.com/pcweek/stories/news/0,4153,387766,00.html

3. Announcements system.

	Speaking of announcements, you've probably already noticed our new and much-
improved announcement feature in place. Whenever there is going to be some planned 
downtime, or a system change or improvement, we will post it to the Dreamhost 
Announcements area. How do you find these announcements you may ask?
	Just log into the web panel at https://secure.newdream.net/admin/ and if there
are any new announcements since the last time you logged in, they will show up on the 
screen. When you are done reading them, just reload the page to get to the admin page
you were heading for originally. You can always go back and re-read all the old messages
by clicking the Dreamhost Announcement link from the main page.
	One announcement we'd just like to hammer home is that you should always 
connect directly to yourdomain.com for ftping updates to your web site. And that you
should connect to exactly that same address, yourdomain.com, for downloading your
mail from your pop3 account(s) with us. We have phased out the use of dreamhost.com
or ftp.dreamhost.com for these services so please update your ftp and mail programs 
accordingly. Thanks!

4. New Features.

	Besides working on lots of behind-the-scenes improvements, a number of other
improvements have come about recently in our Dreamhost Service.
	For one, the new announcements feature mentioned above.
	Also, the mailing list, auto-responder, and email aliases sections have undergone
a number of improvements, which you can read about by visiting the Announcements 
section of the web panel.
	All servers now reload (that's when changes such as new aliases, auto-responders,
domains, and users get made) twice a day at noon and midnight PST. Since we have such an 
international clientele we have added a current server time to the main Admin page for 
quick figuring!
	Keep an eye on the web panel for future announcements about new features in
the upcoming month.

5. Planned Improvements.

	What might some of those improvements be? Well for one we'll probably
have a admin panel redesign to make navigation easier and to put things in a more logical
place. (P.S. Did you know you can click on that "Admin" graphic from any page in the 
web panel to get back to the index?) You may even be able to customize the look of 
your admin page sometime in the not too distant future(my.dreamhost.com? hmm...). 
	We'll also be adding FrontPage 98 Extensions support on the Code Warrior 
and higher plan soon. We're in the last stage of testing that now and will be making an
announcement upon it's release. We still recommend you  use other web page 
construction methods not so reliant on proprietary technology, but due to a number of 
requests we thought it would make sense to at least provide the option.
	Very soon you'll be able to combine your Dreamhost account with your
Dreambook account and be able to turn of the advertisements on one Dreambook per
 domain you host with Dreamhost! How's that for value?
	Of course we will also continue to add machines and expand our hosting 
capabilities all around. We'll be hiring more tech support employees as well and continue
to provide the best hosting bang for your buck!

6. Dhsotm February '99.

	Thank you for all the submissions for award graphic for the Dreamhost Site of the
Month award! The winner as well as a display of the best entries are all up now for your 
perusal at https://secure.newdream.net/admin/dhsotm/
	The contest continues... submit your site for a chance at instant fame and glory!

7. Reminders.

	Just some reminders for everybody..
	Don't forget the way to get tech support is through https://secure.newdream.net/admin/support.cgi (or 
http://scripts.dreamhost.com/support.cgi if your browser doesn't support SSL) Please
don't email sales@dreamhost.com or suggestions@dreamhost.com with customer service
inquiries.. it just makes it a bear for us to keep requests organized so we can reply to them
all as quickly as possible.

	Don't forget you can get a $50 credit to your account by sending us a suggestion
at suggestions@dreamhost.com. Although we don't respond to all suggestions personally,
they are read and as you can see this month, taken into consideration and very likely acted

	Don't forget to update your links to http://counter.dreamhost.com/cgi-bin/Count.cgi 
and http://formmail.dreamhost.com/cgi-bin/formmail.cgi

	Don't forget to connect to your own domain and NOT dreamhost.com for ftp and 
pop3 services from now on... and don't forget to

	Have a nice February!

Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.