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Question   v1.3 March 1999
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v1.3 March 1999
Table of Contents 
0. Introduction.
1. Growing Like Crazy!
2. Dreamhost Rewards Freedom.
3. Web Panel Improvements.
4. Upcoming Improvements.
5. Free Dreambook Ads for BEos Developers.
6. Dhsotm March '99.

0. Introduction

        What? March already! February just gets shorter every year doesn't it? (Well, except for every four years but
whatever.) Actually, no you're right, it isn't March yet. It's only February 27th. But every year March seems to get
the jump on us, so this time we thought we'd turn the tables on him (her?). You know what we mean right? Here it is,
only February 27th, and so March must be at least four or five days away...
        BAM! March 1st is Monday! 
        This time, we were prepared though! So here's your newsletter, 3 days early. (Don't worry, billing will still
be on the first!)

1. Growing Like Crazy!

        Hmm, seems like we had a section like this last month too... but let's just say we're still growing really,
really fast, and we owe it all to YOU! A very high percentage of our customers are coming to us as referrals from those
we already happily host, and we're pleased as peach about that.
        Actually, this whole thing is a big virtuous circle: We try to provide great web-hosting at a great value with
great customer support and all that. This leads to people trying our service and liking it, and then referring their
friends. These friends refer more friends and so on and so on. Therefore, we can spend very little on advertising,
allowing our service to grow through word of mouth, which helps us keep our costs down, as well as spend more time
making free improvements to our service. These improvements make our web-hosting value even greater so our clients are
even MORE encouraged to recommend us to their friends, and yada yada yada!
        So far it's working swell and so thank you very much!

2. Dreamhost Rewards Freedom

       One common way in which people refer others to our services is through our Dreamhost Rewards system
(http://www.dreamhost.com/rewards/). It seems to be very popular, but numerous people have had a similar
request/complaint. They don't like the little animated gif we provide for the link, and would like to make their own.
We don't want to be accused of uglify-ing anyone's home page, or being dictatorial in our rule, so here's the deal. If
you'd like to make your own graphic to use as a link in our rewards program, that is fine... we just ask that you
submit it to us for approval first. 
       Create your graphic (btw, the "standard" banner ad size is 468x60 pixels), and then upload it to your web site.
Send us a customer service message through the web panel asking for approval of the image, and make sure to include the
 URL where we can see it (as well as if you approve the image for general use). Then if it's okay (we'll approve ones
that keep with our general theme, and are not misleading) we'll copy it to our main Dreamhost server and add it to the
list of approved graphics you can use for your rewards link (if you gave us permission to).
        Let those juices flow! (The creative juices, that is!)

3. Web Panel Improvements.

      You may have noticed that we recently added a little link at the bottom of the web panel that says "Full
History". That's a list of all the customer support requests you've sent to us, along with our responses and when the
messages were sent and received. Be careful, the page may be B.I.G. if you've contacted us a lot! Some people asked for
a feature like this, to provide a reference in case you lose our email response to some question that pops up again, or
whatever. It's there now if you need it.

4.  Upcoming Improvements.

     We'll be revamping our help pages soon, making an extensive "How-to" area for things like transferring a domain to
us, uploading your site, debugging CGI problems, using the web panel, payment questions, and that ilk. We'll do our
best to make them clear as well as useful to all.
     The back end for an integration of Dreambook with Dreamhost is in place, and we're just designing a pretty GUI
before we release the integration to you, our awaiting public! A little refresher: It will allow you to get an ad-less
Dreambooks for each site you host with Dreamhost, as well as making it really easy to switch between the web panel and
the Dreambook admin area (or between different users in the web panel), and will pave the way for many upcoming neat-o
services that will tie-in with our existing stuff.

5. Free Ads on Dreambook for Beos Developers. 

What's that we said about free banner advertising on Dreambook? No this isn't the same thing we mentioned in the last
paragraph, it's something separate! As a sort of "free advertising for free software" exchange, we are offering free
displays of banner ads on Dreambook.com for companies (or people) who develop software for use with the new BE
operating system (see http://www.be.com/). Just send us an email at freeads@dreambook.com with your company name, URL,
and banner ad URL (468x60 pixels please!) and we'll hook you up with some free exposure. 

6. Dhsotm March '99.

        Thought we forgot, did you? Ha!You could be so lucky!

        This month we got absolutely steam-rolled with submissions, most likely due to the little area on the web panel
explaining the whole contest (https://secure.newdream.net/admin/dhsotm/), and it was especially  tough this time around
to choose a champion.

        In fact, we felt so bad about having to make one choice out of all those who submitted, we're posting a list of
everybody's URL who submitted at the end of this email. Just so everybody gets a chance to browse through those sites
and possibly send some feedback to your fellow Dreamhosters.

        The site that won did so because it provides a unique and potentially useful service and it does it all using
our Dreamhost servers, with MySQL, perl, and a splash of Java!

        So without further ado, http://www.timeandweather.com/ takes the prize of Dreamhost Site Of The Month for
March, 1999. What is it? Well first check it out and see! But secondly, it's a site that allows you to cut and paste a
little bit of html code onto your home page which will run a Java applet to provide the current time AND weather
conditions for any of over 140 countries and/or the US states! If you've got a website that somehow pertains to a
certain geographical location, you might want to add the appropriate code so whenever anyone visits they'll see a
little ticker with the current time and weather for major metropolitan areas of say, Malawi! Definitely cool. And now
even cooler because he can put our award logo on his page!

        The contest continues... submit your site for a chance at instant fame and glory!

        March forth everybody!

Other sites to check out from the DHSOTM contest for February:


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