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Question   v1.5 May 1999
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v1.5 May 1999
Table of Contents 
0. Introduction.
1. New Password Protection for Web Page Stats.
2. New System Status page.
3. Added Referral Plan Features.
4. DHSOTM May '99 w/changes.
5. Random quote(s) from newdream.net
6. Coming features.

0. Introduction.

	Well spring is in full swing now (at least for us and our
northern-hemisphere customers!) and it's just such a pretty day today, and
a Friday (at least for us and our northern-hemisphere customers!) we've
decided to put our newsletter out a day early. That way you can relax on
MayDay and spend your time running around the May pole or watching the
Kentucky Derby or even saying "rabbit". 
	So sit back relax and see what kind of wacky new free features
we've added for you all in the past month (in case you haven't been
reading the announcements!).

1. New Password Protection for Web Page Stats.

	It used to be that in order to access the detailed sites at
http://www.yourdomain.com/stats/ you had to log in with your own username
and password.. the same ones that gave access to the main web panel as
well as ftp/pop/telnet access to your account! That wasn't doing anybody
any good who needed to share their stats page with others who they
_didn't_ want to share their account access with.
	So now, you can define as many username/password combos to have
access to the stats directory as you'd like, just by going to the "Stats
Management" page of the web panel. By default, your main username and
password still work, and if you change your actual password it will also
be updated for the stats directory.
	This feature was added because of the many suggestions we've
received for such a thing at suggestions@dreamhost.com. Please keep those
emails coming, and remember each month one lucky gal or guy gets a $50
account credit for making a good suggestion!
	Oh yes, almost forgot, we've also taken all mention of "Dreamhost" 
off the top of the stats page in case you are a reseller and your clients
don't know you are hosted by us. Now they can check their stats and never
be the wiser!

2. New System Status page.

	Nobody really suggested this, but it is the sort of feature that
seemed necessary for a professional webhosting outfit like ourselves. It's
pretty straight forward.. just visit it from the link at the bottom of the
web panel to check on all the various services (ftp,telnet,http,pop3,etc.)
for your particular server at that particular time. The statuses are
updated every 10 seconds, and it also tells you the overall uptime
percentage of each service over the last day, week, month, and eon.
	Besides giving you a place to check up on us for those rare
times when you feel something may be awry, this new feature also
forces us to "stay honest". There's no better way to keep us continually
working on improving reliability than by putting our current status and
historical percentages right out in the open for the scrutiny of all our
peers (that's you!). Our goal is to keep all those numbers right around
100% all the time!

3. Added Referral Plan Features.

	As a special May deal (which we may extend if it proves popular)
we are sweetening our current referral sign up deal. In case you didn't
already know.. you can get one free month of hosting for every new
customer who signs up who was referred to us by you (our current
customer). They specify that you referred them by choosing "Referral" in
the "Found Us" field at http://www.dreamhost.com/signup/ and then putting
your username in the "Referred By" field at the bottom. As long as they
sign up for a 6 or 12 month payment plan, you will get a credit equal to
one month of their service added to your account. It's a great way to
lower your already low bill to close to nothing!
	Anyway, we've made the permanent change of also allowing people to
put your domain name (without http:// or www at the front.. JUST put
domain.com) instead of your username just because that may be easier for
them to remember. This is a permanent change and isn't the special May
	The May Deal is now, instead of just you (the referrer) getting
one month of credit onto your account when someone signs up in this
manner, THEY (the new customer) will ALSO get a free month's credit onto
their account (assuming they sign up for 6 or 12 months in advance). This
makes it an even easier sell for you because they themselves are getting a
monetary incentive towards signing up. Let's see how this thing goes!

4. DHSOTM May '99 w/changes.

	Dun dun dun dun! The Dreamhost Site of the Month for May 1999 is:


	We've always been rather partial to lizards of all types here at
Dreamhost, and so it's no wonder really that this month's award goes to
Gecko Links, "Your source for Gecko-related info on the web." We chose
this site not only because it provides original and useful content to a
specific community, but also because they are using ParaChat's java-based
chat application the recommended way to do chatting on your Dreamhosted
site (whether it be "of the month" or not!). 

	This month we came to the realization that it is very hard to
chose one single "Site of the Month" among all the qualified applicants we
get each month. It's like comparing Apples to Oranges really, and it isn't
easy to pick one site as "best" when they're all so different. So starting
next month we'll be breaking the DHSOTM award into separate categories,
with a different category up for grabs each month.

	Here are those categories now:

            June: Personal Sites 
            July: Club/Organization/Corporate Sites 
            August: Web Stores/Malls 
            September: Art/Music/Humanities-related Sites 
            October: Best Layout/Design and Original Navigation 
            November: Web-centric Sites 
            December: Funny Sites 

	So now, make sure you submit your site for a category you feel it
falls into (your site may fall into more than one of course). Remember, if
you want to win the _June_ prize for example, you must submit your site to 
dhsotm@dreamhost.com before the 28th of _May_. So let's get those Personal
Sites in, along with your reason(s) for deserving the award, and maybe
your net worth will skyrocket right alongside Gecko Links when our keen
award gif graces your site!

5. Random quote(s) from newdream.net

The three best things about going to school are June, July, and August. 


A man with one watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is
never quite sure. 

oh what the heck one more...

Hardware, n.: The parts of a computer system that can be kicked.

6. Coming features.

	We've got some good ones on the way thanks to people who wrote in
to suggestions@dreamhost.com! 
	Number 1:
	Now that you've got the ad-free Dreambooks (see last month's
Newsletter at the web panel) you think people would be satisfied! But
Noooo, they've got to have more.. now they want their Dreambooks' URLs to
not show http://books.dreambook.com/user/book.html but instead to be
	Well we'll see what we can do and hopefully this will be a reality
before June 1st.
	Number 2: 
	Improving our Dreamhost Mailing List so that it remembers things
like the custom unsubscribe message and the from address from mailing to
mailing so they don't need to be retyed with every use. Also, more
customization including the error messages for users already subscribed or
already unsubscribed and a detailed help page.
	Number 3:
	Speaking of a detailed help page, we'll also be making one for our
stats pages to better explain just what all the numbers mean as well as
ones for newbies needing help ftping, registering their domain, and all
sorts of other little problems that spring up.

Well that's about it for now.. see you all in 30 days and remember to keep
it clean!

Other sites to check out from the DHSOTM contest for May:

Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.