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Question   v1.9 September 1999
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v1.9 September 1999
Table of Contents
0. Introduction.
1. Site Redesign!
2. Win an iBook!
3. Recommend Us!
4. EThreads III!
5. To NSI or not NSI.. 
6. Change of log file naming scheme.
7. DHSOTM September '99
8. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net
9. New Billing coming soon..
10. Coming Features.

0. Introduction.

Hey all, welcome back to the monthly newsletter, or as we like to
call it, the newsBETTER, because we are striving to make it better
and better!  Har har. As part of our ongoing improvements to the
newsletter, we will never make a joke that corny again! 

Anyhow, it's been another busy month for us. As you'll see in the
rest of this newsletter, we've been busy little elves, much like
those cute Keebler elves, except with less pointy shoes and more
hugging. Not only do we have a bunch of news for you this month, but
the next few months are going to be just as jam packed with fun and

1. Site Redesign!

Fall is a time of change. Leaves change colors, students start school
and turkeys start getting really nervous. In
this spirit of change, the Dreamhost site has a brand new look! Head
on over and check out the blue-tastic new site that our web design
guy Brett created for us. We've been looking at the site and some of
the initial comments include: 

   "that site blue my mind!"

   "the new dreamhost.com site is sweeter than blueberry pie!"

   "andrew if you put any of those fake 'blue' comments in the
    newsletter we're taking away all your cookies. I mean it!"

Of course, the site is at http://www.dreamhost.com , so ignore my
blathering and go look at it soon!

2. Win an iBook!

You may already have won! That's right, we're giving away a brand
spanking new Apple iBook laptop and because you're a customer you've
already got 10 entries in the draw! Here's how it works in a

The contest runs from now until October 31st. Every single one of our
customers automatically gets 10 entries, and if you upgrade your plan
during September or October you get 50 additional entries. Best of
all, if you recommend us to someone and they sign up with us during
that time period and they tell us that you referred them, you get an
extra 100 points! And so do they! 

For all the contest info and rules, check out our official page on


and soon you could be the mobile, jet-setting, laptop-wielding envy
of all your friends and associates! 

3. Recommend Us!

Firt off, now is the best time ever to refer your friends and
co-workers to us (even the ones who already have a website and are
paying too much and not even getting a chance to win an iBook. No
wait, *especially* them!). Remember, when you refer someone to us and
they sign up with us for 6 months or more you get a free month of
whatever plan they ordered. So if you meet someone in one of your
classes for instance who has a website and you say "Hey, you should
get an account with Dreamhost.com who I host my site with!" and they
sign up for a code warrior account, you'll get a 23.95 credit towards
your own account. Of course as we already explained you'll also get
100 extra chances to win the iBook too! 

Along the same lines, we've just added a new little link to the web
control panel, so that if you like, you can review us with Ispcheck,
which is a web-based directory of web hosts.  Of course you don't
have to, but it is an easy way to let us know that you appreciate our
service (if you do) and we really appreciate it. It also raises the
value of your service with us because our good reputation grows from
your kind words! 

4. EThreads III! 

Hey, have you ever wanted a discussion board for your site but you
don't have a plan with cgi, or you just haven't had time to set one
up? Well no problem, as part of our built-in cgi features we've just
added a way for you to get a discussion board of your own! You can go
to our new Ethreads page and fill out a quick form there to get a
board, the url is: 


This will let you add some neat interactivity to your site pretty
easily, and one of the best things about stuff like this is how much
more fun it can make your site for your visitors and you. After all,
usually if you go to your own site you know what's going to be there,
since you made it all yourself, but this way you can go and there
will be new and interesting stuff all the time hopefully!  So go get
yourself a discussion board and make the web more fun! 

5. To NSI or not NSI..

There's great news for anyone who has ever wanted to get another
 domain name but hasn't wanted to shell out $70 to Network Solutions
for it: Domain prices for .com, .net and .org names are finally going
down! This is the result of some actual competition opening up in the
domain name field, and it's about time! If you don't want to deal to
networksolutions.com anymore you can now register a domain with these
places (among others): 

  http://www.joker.com <- apparently the cheapest, domains there are
        about $40 - 45 US for two years (there's some currency
        conversion involved)



The dropping of prices is great news for everyone! And remember, if
you want an extra domain, you can buy it and then have us host it got
just an extra 4.95/month, so you could actually go and register an
extra domain right now and pay for the first month's hosting for
about $50 ($45 for the name and $5 for the first month's hosting),
which is just the cost of a couple of candy bars a day, and then each
month after than it'll just cost the same as a candy bar every few
days! Does the fact that candy bars are my unit of measurement for
almost everything in my life reflect badly on my eating habits? 

So where is the best place to register? It's up to you! As long as
you give our nameserver info to whoever you register with you can use
any of the new places, or stick with Network Solutions (who we of
course ahve the easy-peasy sign-up form for in the web control
panel). Here's that nameserver info too in case you don't know it or 
have it handy: 

primary nameserver:


secondary nameserver:

tertiary nameserver:


and if you register somewhere that wants our tech. contact's NIC
handle, it's JJ1805

So go ahead, get another domain, you deserve it! Remember, more
domains = more fun!

6. Change of log file naming scheme.

By popular demand, we're changing our log-file naming scheme, yup! 
Instead of the old way (1daysago.access.log, etc), from here on in
logs wil be named something like this: 


which should make it easier for you to keep track of what file goes
with what day, yay! 

7. DHSOTM September '99

The Dreamhost Site of the Month for September is Fama, a comics and
illustration page run by Gene Fama, a great artist from California.
There's a ton of wonderful stuff to go through here, including
sketches, comics, llustrations, and even his little daughter's
sketchbook! It's really great stuff, and you can find it at: 


As usual, all the people who submitted their sites are listed at the
bottom of this email. If you'd like to submit your site to be the
October DHSOTM, just let us know through the web panel!  

8. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net

"Paradise is exactly like where you are right now ... only much, much
better." -- Laurie Anderson

9. New Billing coming soon..

That's right, also by popular demand we have a brand new billing
system coming any time now that will make it clearer how the billing
works! There;s not much else to say about this, just a reminder that
it's on it's way anytime now! 

10. Coming Features.

If you thought this month was jam packed you haven't seen anything
yet!  We've got a lot of neat new stuff coming for Dreambook.com, a
new web panel for Dreamhost, more fun promotions like the iBook
contest, and some very big plans for Dreamhost! Stay tuned for
action-packed web hosting excitement! 

Other sites to check out from the DHSOTM contest for September:


Last updated: Apr 15, 2004.