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Question   v1.11 November 1999
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v1.11 November 1999
Table of Contents
0. Introduction.
1. The Contest.
2. New Contest.
3. Suggestions!
4. DHSOTM November '99
5. Billing Snafu!
6. Clarification of services.
7. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net
8. Dreamhost 2.0.. December 1st!

0. Introduction.

Well, aren't these tumultuous times? 

Micros~1 is declared a monopolistic, competition-stifiling, egotistical monolith of an
evil corporation (or something like that.. the full text is at
http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-201-1431107-0.html), and DreamHost is vindicated in its
disfavor towards Frontpage Extensions!

For much of the world, clocks are switched back an hour (why can't we do that EVERY
Sunday?) thanks to the end of daylight savings (http://www.timechange.com/dls/dls1.html
if you don't believe me!), and billions of people world-wide are happy to know that they
_really_ only went to bed at 2am! 

RealNetworks re-does their main site (http://www.real.com/) to be some kind of an
audio/video portal. Billions of people world-wide couldn't care less.

The same may be said about the November DreamHost newsletter... but for all those
billions who don't care, we've got thousands that do! Right? 

1. The Contest.

If you're one of those who cares about material things (and we've got a hunch you are),
you're eagerly waiting to find out who's getting that brand-spanking-new DreamHost-blue
iBook we're giving away. Well, we've done the drawing and know the winner.. but we
haven't notified them yet. The winner is somebody receiving this very newsletter.. which
means it may be YOU, since we haven't notified YOU yet! This is so exciting! Who could it
be? IS it you? Maybe! Is it the owner of http://www.nwbaby.com/? Nope! How about
http://www.tectoweb.org/? Nope that's not it either! I think I'm being mean.. I can't
resist it though! Is it the owner of http://www.dragonsun.net/ ? Yes it is! 
Congratulations.. you were chosen at random from a pool of thousands, Frank, and are the
winner of the DreamHost iBook Giveaway! Not a bad site either.. and you signed up just in
time before the contest was over. We'll be contacting you separately about sending you
your prize. 

In case anyone was wondering, there ended up being 155,035 total entries in the contest,
so for the average person with 100 points the odds of winning the iBook were about 1 in
1550. Not really that bad odds! We'll have to do it again sometime!

2. New Contest.

What the heck, let's do it again NOW! We were just about to re-run the iBook contest
again.. when one of YOU (our beloved happy customers) suggested we give away a Sega
Dreamcast (us being DreamHOST, remember?) this time. That seemed pretty slick, so we're
going to go for it. But rather than being cheapy cheap cheaps and only giving away one
$200 system, we'll be giving away FIVE grand prizes this time! So estimated odds of
winning are now about 1 in 310 or so (this is only a roughy rough estimate!). The rules
will be the same as last time, but this time the contest is running from November 1st,
1999 through January 31st, 1900 (er, 2000.. dern MS WordPad!). We'll be updating the main
dreamhost.com site soon to reflect the new contest, but we just thought we'd give all you
devoted newsletter readers the inside scoop, as we're prone to do.  Who's gonna win this
time! It won't be Frank! Previous winners aren't disqualified or anything.. but what are
the odds THAT would happen?  (approximately 1 in 310) 

3. Suggestions!

There were lots of suggestions again, and somebody got a $50 account credit for theirs! 
We'll keep it a secret who that was (Frank! No, just kidding.). Anyway, we were wondering
as we went through the suggestions which ones were the most popular among our clients, as
those are the ones we should be working hardest on implementing, rather than just doing
the easiest ones first. So we spent a little bit of time making a whole new Suggestion
System (you can see it right there on the main web panel page with a [new] to the left of
it) which allows for peer ranking and commenting. 

Each month we'll attempt to implement the most popular feature(s) suggested, and the
person who suggested that feature will earn a $50 account credit for their great idea!
And you can't vote on your own suggestions, steenkin' ballot-stuffers! 

Please check it out, comment and vote on the suggestion(s) there already, make some
suggestions of your own, and get involved in helping make DreamHost the Best Host There
Is (tm). Or don't bother, and sit idly by as you watch DreamHost sink into the depths of
hot WebHostHell, unable to steer itself towards the path of redemption without the
helpful guidance and support of it's helpful guiding supporters (y'all!).

4. DHSOTM November '99

It's http://www.sillycat.net/ of course! What a silly, silly cat! 

But wait, there's other news on the DHSOTM front! We've copied that script we made for
the suggestions area, made some minor adjustments, and used it for DreamHost Site of the
Month! That means that now, rather than a super-partial judge (myself) picking sites that
may not really deserve such a high honor that DHSOTM is, every first of the month,
whatever site has the most points at the DHSOTM link at the web panel will be
automatically declared that month's winner! That means your only judge will be the much,
much more impartial judge that is all other HDCs (Happy DreamHost
Customers/Clients/Charisma-monsters)! Again, you can submit your own sites and comment on
others and vote and stuff like that. Let the best site win! Win win win!

Also, notice that for both the suggestions and the DHSOTM, the longer an entry is in the
system, the more points it will accumulate. So older entries will have an advantage over
newer entries.. add your stuff soon! Add it now! You can come back and read the rest of
this newsletter afterwards!  https://secure.newdream.net/admin/dhsotm.cgi

5. Billing Snafu!

We'd like to inform everyone that some of our customers were accidentally double-billed
this last rebill cycle. We apologize for this, our new billing system is almost complete
and will make issues like this much less frequent. For the double billing, your account
was correctly credited for the charges (just credited twice!), so you will have a
positive balance with us. If you don't take any action, this will be applied to future
recurring charges (meaning you most likely won't owe anything come December 1st) on your
account. If you would like the erroneous amount credited to your credit card, please
check the Automatic Invoice Generator at the web panel to see if you were double billed,
and if so, contact billing through our support area
(https://secure.newdream.net/admin/support.cgi) and let them know you'd like the credit.
They'll be happy to give it to you right away. Our apologies again! 

6. Clarification of services.

One thing we noticed while going through the suggestions for this month is that we've got
to do a better job of announcing services we have! For example: We do currently
offer a MySQL database add-on to ANY plan for just $6.95/month extra.  We have Java
Servlet support for the Code Warrior plan and higher. We allow you to make your own
banners for DreamHost Rewards. For any of these features, just contact support. Oh yes,
and when someone is signing up for a new DreamHost account and they put you as their
Referring customer, they can either enter your username or your domain name, so don't

7. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net

Brook's Law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.

8. Dreamhost 2.0.. December 1st!

And on that note.. we're delaying DreamHost 2.0 a wee bit more. But this time we're
probably going to actually make it!  Really! Enough on that though.. you guys should use
this time to add suggestions to our new suggestion system, and eat turkey. That is your
mission until next time..  don't dissapoint us!

Josh and the rest of the Happy DreamHost Crew

P.S. Other Entries for DHSOTM for November. (Resubmit your sites through our web panel to
try again!)


Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.