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Question   v1.12 December 1999
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v1.12 December 1999
Table of Contents
0. Introduction.
1. DHSOTM Round-up.
2. Suggestion Round-up.
3. Dreamhost 2000!
4. Mailing List improvement!
5. Contest continues.. wu-tang wu-tang.
6. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net

0. Introduction.

Here I am, trudging away at another newsletter, wasting a good percentage of my remaining
time on this earth (only 3 weeks left till armageddon!) just so you, VALUED DREAMHOST
CUSTOMER, can sit back and have a good chuckle with your daily email load. That's not to
say that the whole purpose of these newsletters is to amuse!

It's really much much more than that, I can assure you. These newsletters have never had
a clear purpose before, and I guess were started more as a matter of revenge than
anything else. (Whenever I signed up for something I always ended up getting stuck
receiving another monthly newsletter, so it seemed only fair that I'd get to write one

But now 'in what alcoholics call "a moment of clarity"' I can confidently say the purpose
of this newsletter is and always has been to keep you, VALUED DREAMHOST CUSTOMER,
informed with goings-on and to-be-going-on-soons at DreamHost and at the same time to
slightly bemuse and of course cookies, lots and lots of cookies. 

Oh sorry, that was my gut, Mr. Frump typing. Sometimes the little laptop I write this
thing on gets too close to big Mr. Frump and he tries to sneak in some stuff off his own
private agenda. I fortunately noticed it this time, but rather going back and deleting
it, I'm just using this example to make you aware of the situation, just so if there are
any times I miss it later in this newsletter you'll know it was just Mr. Frump and not me
being crazy! 

1. DHSOTM Round-up. 

Well, in case you don't read these newsletters or log into the web panel ever I just
thought I'd re-state that the new way we're doing the DreamHost Site Of The Month contest
is through the web panel. You submit your site and people vote and comment on it and the
most points wins! We've had some suggestions that maybe this isn't the best way to do it,
because of chances for cheating and/or bias and/or mob rule never letting quirky sites
win. But it seems to have done an okay job of coming up with a December winner, so we'll
let it go for at least a few more months like this or the end of the world, whichever
comes first. 

So this month's winner (with a whopping 6 points on 52 votes!) was
http://www.wecandesign.com/ self-described as "Paradyme Multimedia's own Flash 4 based
website. Come check it out, it's loaded with animations and beautiful photographs. I'ts
well worth your attention." The comments seem to swing back and forth from flash-haters
to flash-maters, but apparently there are a few more flash lovers than vice-versa out
there, and it was enough to push this site over the top. Congratulations!

Now that they've been removed from the running for January, the current top contender is
Ravensmoon Replicas at http://www.ravensmoon.com/ Will they hold on for another 3 weeks,
or will some brash newcomer steal the crown? Will the world end before then or will
cookies, cookies, and sweet relish! 

2. Suggestion Round-up. 

Also in case you don't read newsletters or use the web panel (wait. then you wouldn't be
reading this either, would you? Forget it then!).

This month's winning suggestion came from user markmh84 (your $50 prize has been added to
your account now.. stop bugging us! :) and was "DH should not charge for extra for
 subdomains such as http://home.gen3000.com and more ftp accounts incase you want a friend
to upload files into his directory. Those should be included in every plan or at least
not charge you as much since they don't cost anything to create or control." 

Hmm.. big surprise coming from you VALUED DREAMHOST CUSTOMERS that the number one
suggestion is we give you a bunch more stuff for free! Well, well, well.. we'll think
about it. Okay we've thought about it and the answer is no. Just kidding! It's actually
just a temporary no.. one of the things Dreamhost 2.0 (oops, did I say Dreamhost 2.0.. I
meant Dreamhost 2000.. see below!) will allow is much greater flexibility on our side of
things to add freebies to current accounts, as well as to make new and even better plans
then ever before. I don't want to give it all away, but I will say that the giving away
of free sub-domains is something we're definitely going to do in some manner with the new
system. Free ftp accounts is a little bit tougher (and seems to be a bit less popular
than the domains anyway) so to that I will just say "no cookie^H^H^H^Hmment" for now.

Looking through the other suggestions, it seems like people mostly are in favor of more
and more usage statistics features! Well, we'll do our best at analyzing our current
offerings and comparing them to what people ask for, but I'd also like to bring up a
point. Since we offer the raw access and error logs for download (up to 31 days worth)
for all the domains we host, if you really really need a particular feature in your stats
analyzed, there are literally hundreds of great software utilities (many of them free)
that will take these raw logs and do whatever you want with them...  so you don't need to
wait for us to get off our fat guts to change the default format. You can take matters
into your own hams! 

3. Dreamhost 2000! 

As was alluded to last section (for those of you who have been reading this newsletter),
Dreamhost 2.0 is now Dreamhost 2000! "Hey?" we thought, "why should Microsoft have all
the fun?" And, just like Windows 2000, Dreamhost 2000 is now not scheduled for release
until February 2000 (a couple of months after the world ends.. who's the marketing
genious who came up with that one?). We won't set a hard date, but it's our goal to have
it out and running before Windows 2000 hits the market. That shouldn't be too hard, since
Windows 2000 is an estimated 30 million lines of code (or something, right?) and
Dreamhost 2000 is less lines of code than the current system (but will be faster, more
robust, have more features, and be easier to use!). We've actually already taken some
steps in making our system faster.. you may have noticed the whole web panel works much
quicker these last few days.. ever since we took the console out actually. That console
is going to be rendered moot with DH2K anyway, and the web panel will blaze along at
speeds even now unheard of! 

Also I'd like to say this is the last mention we're going to make of the new system until
it's done and out there (at which point that will be all you'll be hearing about!). IF it
doesn't make it out before W2K, well hey, would you rather have it done right or not done
at all? Exactly! Fish potatoes! 

4. Mailing List improvement! 

You know that mailing list feature everybody gets for free through the web panel? The one
that people subscribe to through a form you put on your web site and to whom you can then
send newsletters like this one? Well, thanks to some tinkering and the use of the perl
BulkEmail module it is now capable of sending out many more messages than ever before, at
a much more frightening clip! It's still not recommended to have super-big lists with our
web-based mailing list feature, and definitely do not abuse the feature by sending email
to anyone who didn't hand-subscribe themselves.. but it should work a bit better now!

5. Contest continues.. wu-tang wu-tang. 

Don't forget, we've got 5 shiny new Sega Dreamcasts waiting to be won in our newest
DreamHost contest of them all, the "Win a DreamCast" contest! Rules are like before.. 100
entries for new sign ups (!), 100 entries for referring someone who signs up (!!!), 50
entries for adding a new service to your account, and 10 entries for just being a
customer already! The full rules are at http://dreamhost.com/contest/rules.html and the
contest ends January 31st, 1900. 

Also, I hope this doesn't embarass Frank, the winner of our iBook contest, but here's the
nice little note he sent us after receiving his prize in the mail. Thanks Frank! We hope
all our DreamCast winners are so nice! 

"Dear Dreamhost staff, I just want to thank you for the prize I received. This is great.
I have never won anything before. In my life is never a never a dull moment, but this is
the best thing that has happened in a while. Thank you very much. 
            Very Sincerely,
            Frank H. 
            Dragon Sun" 

6. Random Quotes(s) From newdream.net

Since this month's newsletter on a whole was rather short, here's a bunch of quotes to
make up! 

"Uncle Cosmo ... why do they call this a word processor?"  "It's simple, Skyler ...
you've seen what food processors do to food, right?"
                                -- MacNelley, "Shoe" 

Many people feel that they deserve some kind of recognition for all the bad things they
haven't done. 

Lack of money is the root of all evil. -- George Bernard Shaw

It occurred to me lately that nothing has occurred to me lately. 


Oooh, and all this random forune reminds me of sage's The World Wide Web Fortune Cookie
Machine at http://sage.newdream.net/fortune/ and what the heck, go here too!

Bye Bye for now!  Josh and the rest of the Happy DreamHost Crew (that's right, we're a

Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.