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Question   v0.2 December 1998
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2. v0.2 December 1998

v0.2 December 1998
Table of Contents 
0. Introduction.  
1. New Tech Support Policy. 
2. New Machines.  
3. New Dreamhost Message Board.  
4. Smurf Dies! 
5. Thanks for Suggestions!  
6. Dhsotm December '98 
7. Reminder. 
8. Y2K Compliance Statement.  
9. Planned Improvements. 

0. Introduction

Hello All! 
        We're back with the second installment of our newly
periodic Dreamhost Newsletter! We decided to make this one number
0.2 so that next month would be 1.1 and it would be easy to figure
out what month a newsletter was from (6 = June). We know everyone
is just thrilled to hear about the naming convention chosen for
our newsletter. But really, there is better stuff going on around
here... read on! Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving and are
enjoying the holidays (if you celebrate them!) 

1. New Tech Support Policy. 

In an effort to scale up our tech support ability as we did our
 server ability last month, we are instituting a new method for
gaining tech support effective today. There is not a fundamental
change.. everyone still gets unlimited free tech support replied
to within 24 hours (our apologies for going a little bit over this
on the Thanksgiving holiday for a few inquiries. A 14 pound turkey
would knock anyone out.) The only difference is that we now ask
that you visit this form to submit your emails:
https://secure.newdream.net/admin/support.cgi (or
http://scripts.dreamhost.com/support.cgi if your browser doesn't
support SSL).

The reason for using this form is that this way we will
automatically have all pertinent information on each query tied to
the submission. Currently many requests provide no other clue as
to what account they are other than their email address, which
might not even be the one in our database! A lot of the time spent
answering tech support was just trying to get our bearings on what
account they were talking about. Thank you very much for
understanding our need to use this service. We promise to pass the
savings on to you!

2. New Machines. 

A month ago all our customers were running on one Pentium 2 350
with 256MB of RAM. It's a testament to the speed and stability of
Linux that over 1000 domains could run simultaneously on that
machine at the speed they did. Never the less, no matter how fast
the SCSI drives you add are and no matter how many times you
double the RAM, you've eventually got to add more machines. In
this month we've quadrupled our server capacity! Adding bob
(P2/350 256MB), ellipsis (P2/400 256MB) and the as yet unnamed
dual P2/400 w/512MB RAM. This month we had some growing pains as
we moved people off of jezebel onto ellipsis and got the hang of
distributing our system. Now we've got plenty of processing power
and plenty to grow on! 

3. New Dreamhost Message Board. 

We'd been thinking about this for a while, and then when someone
suggested it we decided to go ahead and act on it. We've created a
customer-only message board off the web panel at
http://scripts.dreamhost.com/discuss/ for all of YOU to post
questions, answers, or whatever pops into your head so that we can
all get to know each other a bit better (and maybe help answer
FAQs too!).

4. Smurf Dies! 

Thanks to the hard work of Dallas we are no longer being ping
attacked!  Yay Dallas! 

5. Thanks for Suggestions!  A lot of you took the time to write in
some great suggestions, and we've read them all and taken them
into consideration. Some were things we're planning on doing
already, some were things we already have (!), and most were great
ideas that we'll do our best to act on as soon as possible. And
now let me randomly choose one of the suggestions for the $50

Done! Congratulations (you know who you are!) 

6. DHSOTM December '98

Thanks to all who acted quickly and submitted their sites for a
chance to win the most coveted award in all cyberworld! The
Dreamhosted Site of the Month award! What makes it even more
coveted is that there isn't even an icon yet for you to proudly
display on your site when you win it. That said, the January 1999
award it will go to whoever creates the nicest DHSOTM graphic for
people to proudly display on their website and emails it to
dhsotm@dreamhost.com before December 25th. 

Drum roll please... 

The winner of the December 1998 dhsotm award is..

The official homepage of the band "Venezuelan Skies" They've even
got a Spanish version.

7. Reminder. 

Just a reminder to connect to your own domain for ftp and pop3 and
not dreamhost.com. If you are a new customer and your domain
hasn't been transferred/registered yet, you can temporarily
connect to machine.dreamhost.com where machine is either ellipsis,
jezebel or bob. (In order of likelihood).

8. Y2K Compliance Statement. 

This is a formal declaration that all of Dreamhost's servers are
completely Y2K compliant in all aspects required for stable,
secure, and speedy web hosting. Our billing software and all
web-based features are also entirely Y2K compliant, having been
written from scratch ourselves less a year ago in Perl on Linux by
programmers who watch out for such things. 

9. Planned Improvements. 

We've got a lot of stuff coming your way in terms of improvements
with the web panel. These improvements include:

        Allowing an auto-response message to be sent when people
join a mailing list, and allowing a notification message to be
sent to the list owner when someone subscribes as well. And a
better unsubscribe method.

        A web-based interface for managing password protecting

        A web-based interface for setting your counters to
whatever value you'd like automatically. That should eliminate any
chance of counters blanking as well.

        Integrating dreambook.com and dreamhost.com in numerous
ways including linking to each other's admin area and ad-free
dreambooks for dreamhost customers.

        Secret other dreambook-like free services that will also
be integrated into the web panel.

        World domination. 

        And more and more! 

See you next time and happy holidays!

Last updated: Jan 27, 2001.