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Question   How can I accept credit cards on my site?
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1. How can I accept credit cards on my site?

How can I accept credit cards on my site?
  • To truly accept credit cards (i.e. your company name will appear on your customer's bill), you need a merchant account (an account that lets you charge credit cards and deposit the money into your bank account). Two companies that offer merchant accounts are CardService International and CostCo.

  • If you already have a merchant account, you should really get a secure server to get the customer's credit card information to you securely, as well as some sort of web-store software (our strictly business plan includes Miva Merchant).

  • If you'd rather not pay a big setup fee nor deal with the nitty gritty of accepting credit cards, clearcard.com and 2checkout.com offer turn-key solutions (but their transaction fees are higher).

  • Another great way to easily accept credit cards, but with lower transaction fees, is to accept PayPal and use their Instant Payment Notification service.

Last updated: Jun 28, 2005.