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Question   Do you support FrontPage?
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Do you support FrontPage?
Yes!, Frontpage 2003 and previous!

If your plan has CGI enabled (they all do!), we will fully support your FrontPage extensions! [what are FrontPage extensions?]

Simply login to https://panel.dreamhost.com and enable extensions from the goodies->frontpage section. Even if you don't want to move your domain to a FrontPage-enabled server, you can still make your pages with FrontPage and upload them with the FrontPage publishing tool. Just the webbot components (like counters and formmail) made possible through FrontPage extensions will not be supported.

Never fear! DreamHost provides free CGI scripts --- including forms and counters --- that can provide all the functions of FrontPage extensions, only better!
Notes to consider about FrontPage: Before we move your domain over you should be aware of a number of things:

1. You will not be able to use anything but frontpage to upload to your site
2. You cannot use any 3rd party cgi once you are moved over.

Before we begin moving your domain over you can upload to
ftp://yourdomain.com/yourdomain.com via frontpage.

Last updated: Aug 29, 2005.