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Question   I just signed up and my domain is not up yet! What's going on?
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I just signed up and my domain is not up yet! What's going on?
Generally, it takes at least 24 hours after you register your domain before it is available on the web. But don't worry --- as soon as you submit the registration request, your domain will be reserved, and no one else will be able to register it.

It takes a little while for the new DNS information to reach all the servers across the Internet, but even if your domain isn't available on the web, you can still upload your site via FTP by connecting to server.dreamhost.com.

Transferring an existing domain sometimes takes as long as 3-5 days. However, if it seems that an unreasonable amount of time has passed since signing up, and your domain still isn't available on the Internet, please feel free to contact our Technical support team:

How to Contact Technical Support

Last updated: Apr 18, 2001.

User Post (2002-02-15 14:07:03 by brett)
What you can do in the meantime is set up a free sub-domain of dreamhost.com to mirror your site. The whatever.dreamhost.com will come up close to right away, and you can check out your site there until the new dns information has propogated and your real domain is transfered to us. You can then delete the whatever.dreamhost.com subdomain!
User Post (2004-09-30 11:01:45 by valette)
When you go to upload temporarily to server.dreamhost.com, 'server' is the name of your dreamhost server. If your domain is on the server 'gotcha', you would upload to gotcha.dreamhost.com.