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Question   How do I pay for domain registration?
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How do I pay for domain registration?
How much is a domain? A domain name costs $9.95/year (except .la domains which are $50/year and .md domains which are $100/year) when you register (or renew) through DreamHost.

How often do I renew my domain? You may choose a billing cycle from 1-10 years, with full payment due at the beginning of each cycle.

When do I pay for domain registration? When you first register your domain, you pay automatically as a part of the signup process.

You can also register a domain and pay for it after signing up for a hosting plan, via our Account Control Panel. Select Add Domain under the Domains tab.

How may I pay for a domain registration? New domain registrations can only be processed via a major credit card.

Last updated: Sep 23, 2005.