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Question   I already have a domain name... how do I transfer it to you?
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I already have a domain name... how do I transfer it to you?
All you have to do is sign up with us first, making sure to indicate that the domain you already own is the domain you'd like us to host.

Next you'll need to do is modify your domain's DNS settings. DNS is what connects your domain to our servers. It's no problem hosting a domain with us that you registered somewhere else!

You can actually make this change yourself in a matter of minutes. DreamHost does not charge you a cent for this procedure.

First you'll need to login to your domain registrar (the company with whom you registered the domain.) You'll then need to change your domain's DNS settings so that your domain points to our servers. Our DNS settings are as follows:

(note, if we are your registrar, you change your dns at "Domains > Registration")

If you're registered with Network Solutions, you can also change the technical contact for your domain to JJ1805 if you'd like. It's not required though! Also, if your registrar doesn't like the IP addresses listed above for some reason, try changing your nameservers to just "ns1.dreamhost.com", "ns2.dreamhost.com", and "ns3.dreamhost.com" without the ips!

Your registrar may request that you confirm the change. Check with your registrar for more information. You'll need to wait for your changes to propagate across the globe once you've made them. This can take anywhere from 24 hours to one full week to happen.

Last updated: Aug 01, 2005.

User Post (2003-08-27 11:44:09 by mir)
We do not have an IPS Tag because we are not a Registrar of co.uk domains. Only Registrars of co.uk domains have an IPS Tags.

If you just intend to host your co.uk domain with us, there is no need for any IPS tag as they are just used to change the registrar from one provider to another (to use our hosting services you just have to change your namservers as outlined above).
User Post (2006-01-13 07:03:06 by gopalkamat)
I updated the nameservers for my domain with GoDaddy to DreamHost's nameservers. Then I started the DNS transfer. I am NOW being told by GoDaddy that the domain cannot be transferred for 60 days (and this is supposedly an ICANN rule) to anywhere because I just updated my domain information.

Can you guys help?
User Post (2005-10-30 12:27:14 by olivertaylor)
I just told my old server to forward all email to a 3rd party account, then I can import them into dreamhost's servers when the domain transfer goes thru.
User Post (2005-08-10 05:36:03 by korova_admin)
E-mail suggestion: get your email via a hard connection to the (old) domain server (e.g. ns1.olddomainserver.com), not mail.yourdomain.com. Keep the account alive long enough to download (not IMAP) your mail. I guess some providers don't give you this kind of access, but if they want play fair, while you're departing their servers, letting you catch "straggler" mail after the DNS change ought to be allowable.
User Post (2005-02-01 01:31:03 by waldenschool)
Of course, the above says nothing about making sure email goes through smoothly. What can happen is that the domain transfer will go through, and someone who hasn't checked their email in a bit will have email "trapped" on the previous server, with, in some cases, no simple way to get to it.

What I've done in the past is to set up a temporary sub-domain: yourdomain.dreamhosters.com, and created accounts for each user there. Then, I set up a forward to user@yourdomain.dreamhosters.com. This way, once the switch is flipped, users can always log in to the above account to check email.
User Post (2002-12-09 13:23:45 by ncm)
It's a good idea, when you're thinking about changing domain hosts, to
edit the old entry's "time to live" and related timeouts down to something
short (two hours, or fifteen minutes) three days befor the actual change.
Also, when you do make the change, make the timeouts short, so you can
change back in less than three days if something goes wrong. You can
bump the timeouts up later if things work out. (Don't forget.)