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Question   How do I use .htaccess files?
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How do I use .htaccess files?
Implementation of .htaccess files is universal across the Internet. Many manuals are available online. You can visit your favorite search engine and search for 'htaccess', and you'll probably find a nice tutorial just like this one!

If you'd just like to know how to password-protect directories within your site hosted by us, one of these two articles will probably do the trick:
  1. Creating Password Protected Directories with the web panel.
  2. Creating Password Protected Directories with the shell.

Does the main domain htaccess file protect it's sub-domains?
If you create a .htaccess file to protect a domain , (by password protecting it's root directory), this will not protect any sub-domains that are created based on that domain name. They are completely separate services.

Last updated: Apr 13, 2005.

User Post (2004-05-06 16:55:21 by uberbinc)
ergodraw excellent resource man :)
User Post (2003-02-17 15:45:36 by ergodraw)
I found the following tutorial very useful in getting me up to speed on htaccess files.