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Question   How do I upload files (publish) to my site?
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How do I upload files (publish) to my site?
Publish your files by uploading them to our server, where they will be online at your domain until you delete them.

To upload your files, you must transfer them via an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program.

  • The recommended programs for Windows users are WSFTP and CuteFTP.
  • For Mac users, Fetch is the recommended program.
Use the FTP client to connect to yourdomain.com (if your domain hasn't been transferred to us yet, you can connect temporarily to your machine name as reported to you in the welcome email.. something like machine.dreamhost.com), and let it automatically detect the host type. To connect, use your username and password that you chose for your account. If your ftp client asks for the "initial remote host directory", you can just leave that blank.

NOTE: If your client has an option for it, you must use Passive Mode (PASV) FTP transfers.

Put your files in the right folder

You will see a folder on our server called yourdomain.com. This is where you must send your web files in order for them to be seen at your web address.

Last updated: Nov 22, 2003.

User Post (2005-10-14 00:16:54 by mrtoad)
who has this totally automated? I don't want to execute any commands to publish a file. I want a mirror. Any file I drop into my "toPublish" directory, automatically publishes to the dreamhost account (i just drop it, and dont' think anymore).

Automation anyone?
User Post (2005-08-14 09:47:52 by korova_admin)
If you want to use a UNIX shell, and you want to move your entire web site from one UNIX server to another, an alternative to sftp (above), and just as secure, is scp.

From the man page:

"scp copies files between hosts on a network. It uses ssh(1) for data transfer, and uses the same authentication and provides the same security as ssh(1). Unlike rcp(1), scp will ask for passwords or passphrases if they are needed for authentication.

"Any file name may contain a host and user specification to indicate that the file is to be copied to/from that host. Copies between two remote hosts are permitted.

Basically, login, then

cd [domain name folder, e.g. mydomain.com]
scp -r [shell login userid on old server]@[ip address of your old server:[path to web site root folder on old server]/* .

Scp will prompt you for the old domain provider server password for your

For example

cd mydreamhostdomain.com
scp -r web_admin@ns1.oldprovider.com:~/../../web/* .

Wait for the command to complete, then try doing a

du -hc

to verify that your file directories got there. du -hsc will skip the details and just give you a total count. ;)

As always, make sure you have backups of everything. And if you're a newbie on UNIX, considering the simpler, dummy-proof method of using an FTP client on your own computer.
User Post (2004-06-04 13:24:38 by djaware)
the index.html file has to be all in lowercase letters !!!!!
User Post (2004-04-21 07:55:52 by cyhiggin)
By the way, Dreamhost supports sftp (Secure FTP, uses SSH). I favor it as it does NOT send your ftp account passwords across the Internet in plaintext.