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Question   Do I have to put my cgi scripts in a special cgi-bin directory? Where is it?
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Do I have to put my cgi scripts in a special cgi-bin directory? Where is it?
NO! If you have cgi access enabled, any script with a .cgi or .pl extension will be recognized by the server to be a cgi script and does NOT have to be in a special directory. You can put them in a directory named "cgi-bin" if you'd like of course! Just be sure to tell your FTP client to upload them as ASCII files or they won't work!

Last updated: May 13, 2002.

User Post (2005-01-05 19:18:08 by akalsha)
I've used quite a few different hosting companies in my years. I've only been with DH for a couple weeks, but so far I'm extremely impressed and I think they just might be my favorite. :)
User Post (2004-04-20 21:23:22 by velvetmoth)
thank you dreamhost. thank you.
User Post (2004-04-15 17:04:49 by brjmbt)
I'm new to Perl, but I know some basics. I wrote a VERY VERY VERY simple Hello World script..here's what the code looks like...

use CGI ':standard';
print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "<h1>Hello $welcome!</h1>";

and I complie it with a free compiler I downloaded and uploaded the .pl file to my root directory www.mydomain.com and in my location bar typed http://www.mydomain.com/helloworld.pl and all I get is an internal server error. I've read that you have to reference in your code as to where the compiler is located on the server, but I keep reading here and you can put them anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks...

BTW - Dreamhost I've been nothing but please with your services, thanks!
User Post (2004-01-25 16:27:41 by isaac32767)
It's nice that DreamHost is so CGI-friendly, but allowing a CGI to be created anywhere makes me nervous. So I've put the following in a .htaccess in my main directory
RemoveHandler .cgi
RemoveHandler .pl
When I need a directory for CGIs, I just create one with the following .htaccess:
SetHandler cgi-script
Not that much trouble, and it's rather more secure.
User Post (2003-02-26 22:01:50 by hullshop)
ALL HAIL DREAMHOST! I just installed a CGI script that normall takes me 1 hour -- in 10 minutes! WOW!
User Post (2003-01-31 18:51:09 by brandy)
User Post (2003-01-20 12:52:52 by unctho)
All HAIL Dreamhost! *bow* *bow* *bow*
User Post (2002-11-26 21:36:13 by activ3guy)
OK, I'm a believer. I'm been with Interland for years, but when I wanted to install Moveable Type I was out in the cold. Dreamhost, you are the bomb!!! If only every hosting provider built their service offerings around the customer like this! Yay!
User Post (2002-09-10 20:27:50 by books247)
This site is great! I am still amazed that I'm getting all of this for only 10.95 per month! This rocks! The interface is awesome, and management is easy! Great work!
User Post (2002-08-04 21:40:09 by ddenk365)
dreamhost - you're all just the cat's pyjamas... :)
User Post (2002-08-01 02:15:49 by valve)
Here here! If only more companies could be as straight-forward as this one... I've never had a question about DH's services that I haven't been able to find quickly and easily through the site. Thanks!
User Post (2002-07-14 20:41:17 by isell24k)
I've had quite a few web hosting companies. Never have I seen one that incorporates ALL of the features needed to establish an online presence. This is awesome
User Post (2002-05-01 12:21:32 by camsweeties)
This is my second site being set up threw dreamhost and you guys couldnt have made it any easier, thanks guys!
User Post (2002-04-24 08:56:57 by mchan)
Honest to goodness, you guys are first rate. =) I am continually amazed and impressed by the user-friendly interfaces you've set up for all of us, and also by your cordial and professional way of dealing with customer service issues. Please keep up the excellent work!
User Post (2002-03-27 18:19:20 by hecubus)
i honestly think this is the nicest thing you dreamhost kids could have ever given us. i go to bed at night hoping my future kids will turn out as well as all of you!
User Post (2002-02-14 02:04:53 by kayk99)
Dreamhost is amazing helpful and easy to understand unlike other sites which woffle on about stuff!!!
User Post (2001-12-19 13:06:06 by kuzunoha)
User Post (2001-08-16 17:25:13 by 21n8v)
THIS IS AWESOME. I love dreamhost.