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Question   Call Backs (Phone Support)
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Call Backs (Phone Support)

Here at Dreamhost.com we mainly provide support through email. We do however provide phone calls to customers that have a level 2 and higher plan, these are called "call backs" Each plan allows a different number of call backs per month, they are as follows:

- Sweet Dreams includes up to 1 call back per month
- Code Monster includes up to 3 call backs per month
- Strictly Business includes up to 5 call backs per month
- Dreamhost Dedicated plans include up to 1 call back by default except for yearly pre-payments accounts which include 3 per month. Dedicated Servers also have an emergency call in number

Call back must be requested through your account Web Panel, Just login to your account and go to the bottom left corner. Click on the "Support'' button and the on "Contact Support" when requesting the call back please provide us with the question you are asking, the time frame you would like to be contacted, the phone number you can be reached at and remember to check the box that indicates that you would like to use one of your call backs.

Please note:

- Leaving a message on your answering machine will count towards your call backs, please let us know when the best time to contact you will be so we can avoid missing you in person.
- We do not provide a call in number, all phone support is handled as call backs

Last updated: Aug 12, 2005.