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Question   My account was moved to an evaluation server!
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3. My account was moved to an evaluation server!

My account was moved to an evaluation server!
If you have recieved a message stating that your account was moved to an "evaluation server" this means we have moved your account to a special machine in order to quarantine any heavy resource consumption going with your account.

There is no extra cost for this and all of your services will remain active, however, any unique ips on your account have probably changed.

The reason we moved your account is because our system flagged it has using more than a fair share of system resources. Please read "What are CPU minutes" for specifics on how we measure resource usage.

We realize that you may just be experiencing a spike of high traffic or have a very popular site. In other circumstances, you may have processes which are crashing the machine or causing performance problems for other customers. The evaluation server to which we have moved your account serves fewer users than normal shared hosting machines. This means that if your processes are crashing the machine, it won't affect as many customers. On the other hand, if your sites are growing or are already very popular, the evaluation server is more apt to handle high server load since fewer domains are hosted on it.

We would very much like to see you upgrade to a dedicated server if that is feasible, or simply reduce your usage so that we may restore your account to its original shared hosting machine. Please use the next 1 - 2 weeks to weigh your options and execute a plan to either upgrade to dedicated, reduce your resource consumption.

Last updated: Mar 29, 2005.