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Question   Can I move services from one account to another?
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Can I move services from one account to another?
Yes and No. Moving services such as user accounts and domains from one account to another is a complicated process if the two accounts in question are in different clusters. You must contact support and ask wether a move is a "cross cluster" move or not ( if mx records are different, then move is cross cluster ). If not, then we can move your services for a nominal fee. If a move IS accross clusters, then you must re-create all of your users on the recieving account. You must also transfer the data from the old user accounts to the new user accounts (including mail). Use a sub-domain of dreamhosters.com to setup your website on the new account. Once you have completed this process, contact support and we will move your existing domains over to the new account. If the domain in question is not registered with us, you can complete the process without contacting support by deleting the domain from the old account and then adding it to the new account.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2005.