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2. How To Keep Legit Mail Out of the Junk Mail Folder
3. How to Know If You Have Junk Mail

Advanced Options
You can modify pretty much any setting discussed above by going to the Options->SpamAssasin Options page of Webmail

The top section is for adding people to your White/Black lists.

Below that are preferences for how long to leave messages in the Junk Mail folder, and how often to get reports about what's in your Junk Mail folder.

At the bottom you can set the SpamAssasin scores at which a message should be tagged or quarantined in the Junk Mail folder. The defaults are to never tag the subject line (meaning add **DHSPAM** to the subject of a message), and to Quarantine into Junk Mail at a score of 4 or above.

Last updated: Apr 27, 2005.

User Post (2005-12-20 11:41:57 by neolith)
Is there a more detailed description of the custom policies? The very short and insufficient explanation in the advanced options of the SpamAssasin (Webmail) isn't useful.
User Post (2005-11-22 20:15:52 by springdew)
tasknj1 and dragon_2000 - user cpeterso is using a very interesting method involving both Spam Assasin and Procmail to do things like what you are asking about. You may want to see that person's comment at:
User Post (2005-09-10 09:55:50 by tasknj1)
Is there a way to have SA recognize Russian language emails as junk?
User Post (2005-07-11 14:40:21 by dragon_2000)
Does anyone know a way to filter a spam email like to send it to mail box abc, but instead forward it to an account sent up to bounce it?
User Post (2005-07-01 13:18:59 by kwdavids)
Spam Assassin has a Bayesian filter feature (one that learns from submitted spam) but this is not enabled on DreamHos's server-wide implementation. The Spam Assassin developers aren't interested in getting individual spam reports for analysis from what I read.
User Post (2005-04-25 17:31:17 by jampa)
we need a link to blacklist a sender.... !
User Post (2005-02-21 05:48:54 by gashlycrumb)
Good question, pav-admin! When you open a message, there's a link to whitelist a sender, but the only way to blacklist a send is to go into the SpamAssasin options and manually enter an email - quite annoying. This should be much easier than this.
User Post (2005-02-16 08:57:07 by pav-admin)
So far SpamAssasin is letting in more spam than the old filter. Does anyone know how to report unblocked spam so that SpamAssassin gets better?