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Question   How To Keep Legit Mail Out of the Junk Mail Folder
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How To Keep Legit Mail Out of the Junk Mail Folder
The defaults for this beta test are fairly aggressive. Odds are good that some of your legitimate email will get caught by the filter. The best way to deal with this is using a Whitelist. A Whitelist is a list of email addresses you ALWAYS want to get through the filter. There will be links when reading messages for adding the sender to your Whitelist, and when you're viewing messages in the Junk Mail folder.

Last updated: Jan 03, 2006.

User Post (2005-12-31 07:39:05 by chobbs)
The non-techie junk mail instructions have been move to the folllowing link: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Junk_Mail#Novice_Users
User Post (2005-03-01 11:26:44 by roger_rohrbach)
I'm not a DreamHost staffer, but: yes, if you white-list an e-mail address, it bypasses any spam filter analysis. I'd suggest not white-listing well-known e-mail addresses (e.g., those used by major companies for customer communications). It's extremely unlikely, on the other hand, that you'll receive spoofed e-mail from one of your friends' e-mail addresses, so you can white-list them safely. Since, in my experience, it's also uncommon for friends' e-mail to be mistaken as spam, this means whitelists are not terribly useful...
User Post (2005-02-08 11:46:09 by mattlyon)
Same question.

I get a lot of email, both ham and spam, to my paypal address that is spoofed to be from paypal. Whitelisting paypal's email would let all the junk get through. Not whitelisting it could mean missing an important message.
User Post (2005-02-03 09:02:08 by squeezle)
There are many spoofing techniques that send mail that appears to come from a valid e-mail address (I frequently get such messages from my own e-mail address). If you set up an address as "white list" and the address gets spoofed like this, do you then receive ALL the junk mail coming from this address, or does the appropriate spam get filtered out? If you still receive the junk mail, does this make it a bad idea to even have a white list? Any feedback on this is appreciated.