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NEW! Junk Mail Filter Description
We've put together a new Junk Mail Filter!
Like any other filter, it actively messes with your incoming mail! Don't enable it unless you're sure!


Mail comes in and gets scanned by the anti-spam machine. If it's okay, it gets passed on to your normal mail servers and goes in your INBOX. You can see some informational stuff if you look at the full headers of incoming messages.

If, however, a piece of email gets caught by either the Anti-Virus filter or by SpamAssasin, it'll get put in a special database. You can see messages that have been caught by logging into Webmail.

If any Junk Mail has been caught, you'll see a link below your regular folders called "Junk Mail".

Last updated: Apr 27, 2005.

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Question Advanced Options
You can modify pretty much any setting discussed above by going to the Options->SpamAssasin Options page of Webmail The top section is for adding people to your White/Black lists. Below that... (more)
Question How To Keep Legit Mail Out of the Junk Mail Folder
The defaults for this beta test are fairly aggressive. Odds are good that some of your legitimate email will get caught by the filter. The best way to deal with this is using a Whitelist. A Whitelist ... (more)
Question How to Know If You Have Junk Mail
Besides logging into http://webmail.dreamhost.com/ over and over again, you'll also get an email at or around 4:30PM (Pacific Time) listing any messages you currently have in your Junk Mail folder. By... (more)
User Post (2005-05-16 16:20:54 by kwdavids)
I'm confused to the relationship (or lack of) between the "New Junk Mail Filter" and SpamAssassin.
User Post (2005-03-15 23:28:11 by cpeterso)

I wanted to use DreamHost's Junk Filter, but I did not want to give up my handy catch-all email addresses or bother logging into webmail2.dreamhost.com to check for false positives. After some research, I was able to enable DreamHost's pre-installed SpamAssassin without installing any new software. To enable SpamAssassin, just add the following three lines to your ~/.procmailrc file *BEFORE* the "catch all for inbox" code at the end of the file.

# pipe email through spamassassin
| spamassassin -P

You can then edit your SpamAssassin settings (as described at spamassassin.apache.org) in ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs. Your user_prefs file should be auto-generated after SpamAssassin scans its first email, so send yourself a test email to create the file. For example, my user_prefs file includes:

# add [SPAM] to spam's subject line
rewrite_subject 1
subject_tag [SPAM]

# non-english email is always spam (for me)
ok_languages en
ok_locales en

# whitelist_to -6
whitelist_to me@example.com

# whitelist_from -100
whitelist_from friend@example.com

User Post (2005-01-18 09:43:03 by 13pt)
Note that the Junk Mail Filter does not process forwarded mail sent from one Dreamhost email address to another Dreamhost address, which is disappointing.

One workaround to filter spam from a number of Dreamhost email addresses, then forward only clean mail to a single Dreamhost address, is to route mail through a Gmail account:

Dreamhost infrequently-used address #1 --> forward to youraccount@gmail.com
Dreamhost infrequently-used address #2 --> forward to youraccount@gmail.com

Set up a filter "Has the words: -in:spam". This will ignore any mail that Gmail thinks is spam. Then forward all matches for this filter to your normal Dreamhost address. You can also set up a "Forwarded" label to flag these emails, so you know what's been forwarded when you check your Gmail account directly.

Mail sent to any of the infrequently used Dreamhost addresses will be filtered by Gmail, then forwarded on to your normal Dreamhost email address.

It's not an ideal solution, but until the Junk Filter can process forwarded mail, it's one way to filter spam from a group of addresses without setting up dozens of filters on each address, or setting up and managing multiple instances of the Junk Mail Filter.