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Question   What can I do if my mailbox is full?
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What can I do if my mailbox is full?
If your mail user runs out of disk space, you'll be unable to receive new messages. You'll also have a hard time deleting old ones!

You will need to increase the disc quota on that mailbox, and wait a few hours for the servers to update before you can log in again and delete the excess mail.

Last updated: Dec 30, 2004.

User Post (2005-02-03 02:34:58 by alexg)
Tip: if you are using imap on mozilla/netscape/thunderbird:
You can move mail to your local trash this way they are just deleted (not moved to imap trash before they are deleted) so you can still do it when you have no space left.
User Post (2004-09-12 13:41:33 by kickaha)
You can also free up space by deleting files from the corresponding shell account