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Question   Commonly used FTP clients
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1. Commonly used FTP clients
3. Where do I put my files once I've connected via ftp?
4. CuteFTP
5. Fetch

Commonly used FTP clients
The following FTP clients are commonly used with DreamHost Web Hosting's FTP services.

FlashFXP (probably the best, $25)
BulletProof FTP
Mac OS 9 / Mac OS X

Last updated: Jul 17, 2005.

User Post (2005-12-27 17:06:21 by sselemanluos)
if you are using the winscp3 and getting that messege my suggestion is to make sure that the user you are trying to log in as has shell privilages and is not just an ftp account
User Post (2005-12-02 05:00:10 by peroba)
I am trying to do sftp using WinSCP3 on WIndows XP, but cannot connect. The remote side accepts the password, but gives this error:

Received too large (173303913 B) SFTP packet. Max supported packet size is 102400 B.

The error is typically caused by message printed from startup script (like .profile). The message may start with "0x0A546869".

ftp works fine from a command line. It's sftp that is failing. Anybody run into this before? Thanks.
User Post (2005-10-25 16:01:36 by cr3at1v3)
anyone able to get FUGU to work? (mac)
User Post (2005-10-05 17:06:33 by techtonik)
Under windows you can also use Far File and Archive manager to upload site contents to FTP. http://www.farmanager.com
User Post (2005-09-04 11:24:40 by aricv)
WinSCP3 is good as well, and it's open source (free)
User Post (2005-07-24 00:47:46 by ill0gical0ne)
SmartFTP - http://smartftp.com
User Post (2005-07-19 21:09:12 by tiserveradmin)
Cyberduck as well. Brilliant and reliable.
User Post (2005-06-29 03:46:38 by yonisyuumei)
I use Transmit. Best FTP client for Mac IMHO.
User Post (2005-04-26 08:30:09 by lampoon)
Transmit for Mac, too - an excellent sftp client albeit at $25
User Post (2005-01-28 18:42:04 by ryanca52)
Cyberduck - http://icu.unizh.ch/~dkocher/cyberduck/
Open-source, stable FTP Client for OS X