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Question   How do I access other mail folders on the server besides my inbox?
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How do I access other mail folders on the server besides my inbox?
Our mail servers support multiple folders for your email, but if you use POP3 to access your mail, you'll only ever see your INBOX.

If you want to see other folders (maybe sent-mail, or a spam folder you're filtering spam into, or perhaps .old-messages where we sometimes put messages that are filling up a big inbox), you need to access your email via IMAP or WebMail (which is actually just IMAP as well).

Pretty much every email reader in existence has the option of checking mail via POP3 or IMAP, so just change your setting to IMAP. Then, under the settings somewhere there should be an option of "subscribing" to folders.. which basically just means you want to see those folders. That's about it really.. the specifics vary by email reader, but should be not too difficult to figure out!

Last updated: Mar 22, 2004.

User Post (2006-01-04 14:14:30 by echaney)
To see other folders in your Dreamhost IMAP account on Mac OS X Mail you need to set the account's IMAP path prefix to "INBOX" (found under prefs->accounts->your account->advanced). This also makes it possible for Mail to create the sent items, trash and drafts folders.
User Post (2005-08-07 16:53:23 by hotstr)
Thanks for the help in getting my old-messages folder up without having to email support
User Post (2005-04-20 14:00:31 by adminwco)
The prefix you want for Eudora is INBOX. But even trickier with Eudora 6.2 for Mac is that you really can't reliably switch an existing POP account to IMAP--you are better off renaming the Eudora Folder in ~/Documents to something else (like Eudora Folder POP, perhaps) and then setting up Eudora from scratch. You will want to immediately set the settings as IMAP (second pane in Settings), then go back and set up the rest of your settings. Also there seems to be a bug in Eudora that makes an IMAP mailbox and subfolders appear beneath a mailbox named "<<dominant>>" (the default Eudora "personality"). Your regular In, Out, Sent, Trash, will not function normally. A drag.
User Post (2005-03-27 20:43:40 by kjpatel)
So has anybody done/tried to..........pop access all their other email accounts?
I want to have my comcast, yahoo, hotmail, and any other email accounts to come into my dreamhost account, in specific folders (i.e.: comcast pops in "comcast" subfolder). I use IMAP, so I'll be able to see all my emails from all my email accounts through essentially one place.
User Post (2005-03-13 11:01:59 by genericmeyers)
Has anyone been able to get this to work with Mail.app on Mac OS X? I'm unable to create any IMAP folders for my account, and I can't get to my .old-messages folder either.
User Post (2005-02-14 11:18:44 by susanl)
I want to download the messages in my old-messages folder, but have been unable to do so. I'm running Eudora for Mac 6.2 and it seems that I must specify a location prefix uin order to downlopad anythiung other than the In folder. Just what is the location prefix?
User Post (2005-02-02 06:21:01 by iiftmlis)
In Thunderbird under windows, you right click on the inbox and click "subscribe..." on the context menu. You can then see all the folders under the inbox that are available.
User Post (2004-12-27 07:02:08 by chrisjj)
Thanks jamesldelah, but I found this was insufficient. I had also to click Toggle Special Fodlers (having no idea what this is supposed to do) before INBOX.old-messages would appear on the left bar. I also clicked "refresh fodlers list" which may or may not have been necessary.
User Post (2004-10-16 23:01:38 by bmcfann)
In PC-pine, add the following to the incoming-folders line in your pinerc file:

User Post (2004-10-03 16:11:29 by cgay)
Kudos to jamesldelah - I've been trying to find my archived messages for weeks without any success. Jamesldelah has found the solution for reading mail messages archived to .old-mesages. Thanks.
User Post (2004-08-14 05:25:38 by jamesldelah)
After some of my messages were forcibly move from my Inbox to the '.old-messages/' folder, at first I couldn't figure out how to access them, even from WebMail. Even clicking on "refersh folder List" didn't display this name in the left panel. Finally I discovered that by clicking on the Folders entry in the right panel menu bar, I could access the "Subscribe / Unsubscribe" options. I have no idea what that means, but I noted that all of the folders which show up in the left panel were listed above the Unsubscribe button, and only INBOX.old-messages was listed above the Subscribe one. So I selected INBOX.old-messages entry and clicked the Subscribe button. Then "old-messages" was added to the left panel under INBOX. Now I can get to the message which were moved there. Too bad they never tell you that.