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Question   How do I share website access with another FTP user?
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How do I share website access with another FTP user?
If you want to add another user with access to all the same files as an existing user:
Basically, you can't. In unix systems, files are all owned by exactly one user, and it's not secure to allow other users full read/write access to them all. If you really want multiple people to have all the same access to the same files via FTP, the best thing to do is create one FTP user for all the stuff you want to share, and just use that same login info among all the people who need to work on the site.
If you want to give full website access to a new FTP user:
Just move the domain to that FTP user (via the "edit" link at Domains > Web). If you still want access yourself, just also use that same FTP user.. multiple people can log in at the same time with the same user.

(Due to FTP users not being able to go outside their home directory and problems with group writability for CGI scripts, only one FTP/shell user may access the web directory for a website hosted with us.)

If you want to give access to just one sub-directory of your website:
Leave the site as is and just use our Domain > Remap Sub-Dir area to put that one subdirectory in the new FTP user's home directory. The only caveat with this is that CGI and PHP-CGI won't work in that directory (since it'll have a different user than the rest of the domain).
Basically, one FTP user can have access to multiple domains, but each domain can only be accessed by one FTP user.. IE, each domain is owned by exactly one FTP user. One FTP user can own multiple domains though!

Last updated: Sep 01, 2005.

User Post (2005-11-07 09:04:18 by gnomad)
I had a "bad_httpd_conf" error after doing a transfer in this way. Tech Support initially claimed it was related to DNS caching after an IP address change, but no IP change had occurred. It was actually because the Apache log file configurations weren't updated correctly, and Tech Support had to fix this manually.

Just a quick pointer to get Tech Support on the right track if you experience the same problem.
User Post (2005-10-19 10:58:52 by ettinger)
Hmm...as the "admin", I would really like to be able to give my clients their own shell with access to only their domain space:


However, when I try to touch a file in /home/$client/ I get permission denied. Can this be solved with groups? I would want to access all my clients spaces, but not let them access mine or each others.

Again, this is with shell, not ftp. FTP appears can simply be remapped.
User Post (2005-10-13 16:57:14 by sauleil)
The best way to fix that would be to be able to create hard link in the new user directory to the directory you want to share. But we cannot do hard link at the moment. Softlink does not work also, because the way of the ftp server is set. So, Right now, I don't see any viable solution. Like insouciant said, sharing the same userid is not really a solution. Anyway, if someone has an idea? I was thinking of making a php file server ;)
User Post (2005-10-08 18:10:13 by insouciant)
While the description of Unix and only owner can see/modify their own files is correct, this TOTALLY ignores the Unix GROUP protection settings. There are many instances where one (the owner and customer of DH) wants access only by them to their "account" and files... but can allow other users (that he creates) to have access (by being in the same group he defines) while assigning them RWED priveledges and NOT allowing the World access to those files. Having all my "users" use the SAME FTP id is NOT a solution! One will LOSE the ability to see which of my created users made a file, etc. This is great to do for transferring files larger than email attachments (and far more reliable and binary so no encodign needed). A user drops their file into a private part of the account FTP and another user goes in and picks it up seeing (by the userID) who put the file there. They (the recipient) can then delete the file (if I've as owner set their group priveledges to allow this "operating" on another user in the group's files). But DH has disabled all of this?!?! That will hurt my usage greatly!
User Post (2005-09-18 23:42:42 by kenton)
When giving full website access to a new FTP user, don't forget to FTP your site to that directory first otherwise your site just dissapears.