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Question   What is the deal with PGP signing?
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2. What is the deal with PGP signing?
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What is the deal with PGP signing?
You can get all contact emails sent to you by us (um, except the newsletter) PGP signed, which will "prove" to you that it was us that sent it! Then you know there's not some sneaky scammer trying to trick you with fake DreamHost announcements!

PGP signed mail is a way to prove you're really who you say you are with your emails. You can read all about it on INTERNET!

If you want to switch your PGP signing preferences, go to the "Edit Profile" link of our Web Panel and then click the "contact" link there!

If you're using Outlook or Mozilla/Netscape with the PGP plugin, you'll want to use the default option. However, if you're using a mail client such as Evolution, you'll want to use the PGP/MIME option to have your emails automatically verified.

Note: Our implementation is actually based on the OpenPGP proposed standard, which you can learn more about here: http://www.openpgp.org/

You can also download the key from http://dreamhost.com/support.pgp.key

Last updated: Apr 11, 2005.

Official Reply (2005-07-25 10:34:26 )
If you go into the PGP program and search the MIT server for the key ID: 0xFA461C9, you will find support@dh.com's key with all of the support subkeys, right-click on the DH key and click 'Import to local keyring.'

You're done...
./ Logan
User Post (2005-01-18 21:52:48 by deanpence)
Dreamhost's public key's ID seems to be: 0x7FA461C9

You should be able to use GPG or PGP software to import that key from a keyserver.

The problem is that Dreamhost needs to publish the public key or the key's ID or the key's fingerprint on their website so that we can reasonably assume it's theirs. Otherwise, I'm just fetching the key the message was signed with and have no idea whose it is. And, of course, that defeats the whole point.
User Post (2004-10-21 06:50:04 by jamesho)
But where is your PGP key? I need that to check the emails against.