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Question   Can I use Razor spam filtering with POP3?
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Can I use Razor spam filtering with POP3?
Note: Razor is no longer supported, and has been replaced with our Junk Filter feature!

Yes! And there are two ways to handle it.

One, you can choose to just add a header to incoming spam that marks it as spam. Our server will still put it in your Inbox, but now there'll be a special X-Razor: SPAM line added. Most email clients will then allow you to set up a filter that looks for that header.

Two, you can have our server filter spam for you into a "spam" folder (as though you used IMAP or Webmail), but you won't be able to look into your filtered spam folder or report missed spams to the Razor server via POP3.

POP can only read the Inbox folder off our server, and since this filtering is done on the server-side, it puts messages into other server folders before your POP3 email client downloads them to your home computer. Note that a spam folder will count towards your disk usage, even if you use POP3.

If you choose the second option and would like to be able to check what's being filtered into your spam folder periodically, what we recommend you do is either use our web-mail system, or switch your email client to use IMAP. IMAP allows you to view all your mail folders on the server!

Last updated: Mar 14, 2005.

User Post (2004-09-14 06:51:33 by gbdk)
Dreamhost will not use Razor much longer, so don't put too much weight into this article anymore. They're currently testing a replacement spam filter that is MUCH better.