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1. I get an error with File::Spec when using Movable Type!

Movable Type Description
Movable Type is a perl CGI script for running a web log on your site. Movable type can be used on all DreamHost plans (all plans include the necessary perl/cgi/mysql requirements), but we do not officially "support" it ourselves.

If you have MT problems or questions, you can post to our Discussion Board and hopefully other Happy DreamHost Customers will be able to give you a hand!

Last updated: Dec 15, 2002.

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Question I get an error with File::Spec when using Movable Type!
First , a VERY useful thread about this at movabletype's message board. Movable Type requires a pretty new version of the perl module "File::Spec" to run. Although most of our machines have it,... (more)
User Post (2003-10-25 11:00:36 by william)
Also, there's a great howto at <a href="http://www.wombatnation.com/misc/installMTDreamHost.html">http://www.womba tnation.com/misc/installMTDreamHost.html</a>