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Question   When will my account be activated?
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1. Step 2: Pick a domain..
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When will my account be activated?
After signing up, even before your account is approved, you'll immediately have access to our web panel and be able to begin configuring aspects of your accounts such as mailboxes, email aliases, sub-domains, etc...

Once your account is approved, it only takes about an hour or two for your user to be created so that you can begin to upload your site to our servers. If you're registering a domain with us, it will take from one to two days before your new domain begins to work online as the dns information propogates.

Account approval will usually happen automatically, but in some cases we will require a faxed approval form before your account is approved. If you are sent an email asking to send in a fax your account will be approved within 24 hours of you sending the fax!

Last updated: Jul 13, 2005.